• Helix's School Safety and Security Team is committed to creating a safe, welcoming environment for students, families, staff, and visitors. 

    HCHS staff meet regularly with the La Mesa Police Department, La Mesa Fire Department and community partners to collaborate on risk assessment, emergency planning and responses, and to provide training to staff and students. Campus Supervisors provide security coverage for the Helix Campus and during Helix events.


    Primary functions of the School Safety and Security Office


    1. Provide security coverage in school and around campus.

    2. Monitor entrances/exits and visitor check-in.

    3. Assist students and staff with conflict resolution.

    4. Provide security at various school events.

    5. Coordinate school safety drills.

    6. Oversee the school's safety plan and safety committee.

    7. Respond to crisis incidents, alarms or disturbances on campus.

    8. Collaborate with law enforcement agencies and first responders.

    9. Arrange traffic safety services during the school day and at various school events.

    10. Oversee a comprehensive emergency management plan.

    What to Do if a Student Does Not Feel Safe


    During school hours -

    Students can contact their Grade Level Team, contact a Campus Supervisor or submit a concern on the Student Safety Hotline.

    • Campus Non-Emergency Safety Line: 619-644-1940

    • Manager of School Safety, Jonathan Simon: 619-644-1940, Extension 361 


    During non-school hours -

    It is critical for students to feel safe in their community at all times. If something has happened in the La Mesa community that threatens student safety, make a report as soon as possible, including weekends. 

    • Students and guardians can make a report to the La Mesa Police Department, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    • LMPD Non-Emergency phone number is 619-667-1400 

    • Emergency, Dial 911



    Acknowledge, Care, Tell


    As part of Helix Charter High School’s commitment to wellbeing, we have adopted ACT® which means “Acknowledge, Care, Tell”.  We believe that each of us plays a role in ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our students and encourage every member of our school community to follow the three steps of ACT to help maintain a safe, positive learning environment:

    1. Acknowledge warning signs and anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, worried or frightened.  Recognize something is wrong and take it seriously.

    2. Care for students/your friends; listen and tell them how much you care about them.

    3. Tell a trusted adult if you are worried or have concerns about your wellbeing or the wellbeing of others. HCHS students who need support may go to the Grade Level Team Office, Wellness Center or report the infomration on the Student Safety Hotline.



    How to Report Claims of Bullying & Harassment at HCHS


    If a student has experienced discrimination, bullying, harassment, sexual harassment, dating violence, or any other prohibited conduct, they should report their claim to their Grade Level Principal. Students may also seek support for this process through their Grade Level Counselor or Social Worker. A student may choose to report their claim to a person of the same gender identity. Students who make good faith complaints will not be disciplined.


    If a student or parent is ever concerned about an issue or situation related to their experience at HCHS, we want to hear about that, too. Anyone can submit comments and suggestions, and report any concerns by contacting their Grade Level Team or on the Student Safety Hotline. The submissions can be anonymous or with your name, email or phone number. If you report concerns on this tool anonymously, school officials may be able to conduct a limited investigation or provide some assistance if you share enough details.


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