Academic Support Program

  • Helix’s Academic Support program is an integral part of a Pyramid of Interventions providing students with academic support, successful role models and opportunities to build connections with caring adults. Our large team of Academic Coaches work in units and must also work together with teachers, grade level teams, the Wellness Center and parents to provide the essential skills that will keep students on track for graduation. All students receive instruction on time management and organizational skills through the use of the ASP Planner. We know that all students learn differently and at different rates and it is up to us to find the key to helping each individual student achieve the goal of graduating from Helix Charter High School. The goal of all programs is to help students become self-directed learners.
  • Support for Grade 9

  • Support for Grades 10-12

The Importance of Tutoring

  • All the research on closing learning gaps points to high quality tutoring as the best intervention. Tutoring provided by a teacher or trained paraprofessional, 3 or more times a week and preferably during the school day, is recommended for high school students. The Academic Support program at Helix offers school day tutoring by trained paraprofessionals who receive education-based weekly staff development from Helix staff.