Career Prep

  • Although Helix is a college-prep school, we are passionate about exposing students to different career options. Each year, we offer a Career Fair in the fall and a Trades Day in the spring. Read more about these efforts here. See below for a description of each event. 

    Career Fair 

    We host a Career Fair every October in the gym. Over 40 vendors from all different careers join us for the day to help expose students to what their choices are after they graduate from high school and college. Students take a personality test which gives them an idea of careers they would enjoy. Each vendor's table has a poster that describes the industry and which personalities do best in them, so that students can make connections and get an idea for where they'll best fit.

    Trades Day 

    We host a Trades Day every April. This even focuses more on unique career paths that do not require a college degree, like constructions, real estate, cosmetology, law enforcement, military and more. Over 25 vendors join us for this event behind the weight room. Students get a BINGO card that encourages them to talk to different vendors and find out different characteristics of each career.