• Because Helix is a large comprehensive high school, it is important that students do not "fall through the
    cracks" or become anonymous on campus. In order to make a large campus feel smaller and safer, we
    assign incoming students to a Grade Level Team in which a Grade Level Principal, Counselor, Academic
    Advisor, and Administrative Assistant serve the graduating class of students for their entire four years.
    This allows families to have a consistent team of support personnel focused on their student’s growth,
    development, and success. Our Grade Level Teams are aware of their students’ academic goals and
    social-emotional needs, and are prepared to intervene when our students begin to struggle. Students
    who are struggling academically may be enrolled in an academic support class or assigned to attend
    daily or weekly tutorial sessions after school in order to meet our schools rigorous, college prep
    expectations. Our before and after-school programs allow students to access personalized support
    from a tutor and/or their teacher. Moreover, students struggling with social-emotional issues may be
    referred to the school’s Wellness Center to receive services from one of our school social workers.