• Upcoming Changes to Helix's English Learner Program

    • Continuing daily EL Academic Support
    • Doubling amount of designated ELD instruction for 22-23
    • Adding bilingual credentialed teacher for Yearlong English 1/2C for English Learners
    • Continuing to increase access to college prep courses for all ELs
    • Continuing Bilingual Peer Tutor Program (22 current tutors)
    • Researching New Designated ELD Curriculum (Edge--Common Core aligned)
    • Improving ELPAC Implementation
    • Improving monitoring of Reclassified Students
    • Improving Family Outreach (Talking Points, translated communication)
  • Helix English Learner Accommodations 

    To ensure academic equity for English Language Learner (ELL) students, the following accommodations are accessible schoolwide for students who are currently designated ELLs (not RFEP):

    1. Use of Google Translate and/or Bilingual dictionary/glossary for classwork and assessments.
    2. Up to 50% additional time to complete assessments.
    3. Up to 50% additional time to complete assignments upon request of students prior to due date. 
    4. Allowed use of bilingual peer tutors for classwork and assessments (for translation purposes only).
    5. Allowed use of core texts, when available, in the students’ home language.