What is ASPIRE?

  • The ASPIRE program is a federally funded grant awarded through the San Diego County Office of Education. The county selects schools to include in the After School Safety and Enrichment for Teens (ASSETs) grant and Helix has been awarded this grant for nearly 15 years! This grant affords before-and-after-school programming for students in the following areas: enrichment, sports, and academics. Our ASPIRE programs are inclusive and comprehensive of so many areas of interest and, because of the grant we are given, we are able to purchase special supplies and pay the instructors. The instructors are usually staff members who have a passion for something outside of the classroom and want to share it with students. Mrs. Katie Pipes (longtime teacher and Helix Dance Program leader) recently had the opportunity to inherit the well-established ASPIRE Program at Helix. Mrs. Pipes holds a Single-Subject CLAD Teaching Credential in English, a Degree Authorization in Dance, a Master of Arts in Teaching Secondary Education and a Master of Arts in Dance. Her focus has been to bring diverse, equitable programming to Helix Students within the ASPIRE programming. Questions? Contact us by email at helixaspire@helixcharter.net.