Grade Level Teams

  • Our office is organized to ensure that students have a consistent administrative team supporting them throughout their time here. Each Grade Level Team (GLT) includes a principal, counselor, licensed social worker, academic advisor, attendance technician, and administrative assistant. Every summer, our GLTs meet with each family in person to create student schedules. Below, you'll find the team structure and job descriptions. To select your specific Grade Level Team page, please use the menu on the left or, if you're on a mobile device, click the dropdown arrow in the heading. 

  • Administrative Assistant Provides frontline support and guidance for families and can help direct them to the right place
  • Attendance Technician Handles all attendance issues, including absences, tardies, leaving school early, etc.
  • Academic Advisor Provides students with secondary and post-secondary educational programs and career planning, scheduling, class selection and schedule changes
  • Counselor Provides students with social-emotional support, guidance on scheduling, class selection and schedule changes
  • Principal Provides families with behavior guidance, social-emotional support and leads the grade level team