Dual Enrollment

  • Our Dual Enrollment program enables high school students to enroll in college courses on Helix's campus. Completing these courses provides students the opportunity to earn both high school credit and transferable college credits. Dual enrollment attempts to bridge equity gaps by partnering with Grossmont Cuyamaca College District to offer a variety of classes for free to Helix students.  Many of these courses meet CSU/ UC requirements, such as MATH 281 (Multivariable Calculus) and ENG 120 (College Composition and Reading). By exposing students to college-level coursework and rigor, they are more confident and better prepared when entering college. 


    Students in all grades can earn both high school and college credits in these classes. The courses are taught by qualified Helix teachers or Grossmont instructors. The classes are college level and students will be held to a college-level standard. Although these are difficult courses, students are successful because of the support systems we offer at Helix. These courses are completely free including tuition, fees and books.


    We have grown the Dual Enrollment program to offer over 70 college-level units on our campus this year, making our program one of the strongest in the State. We believe offering this program is an important way to expand educational opportunities, improve economic mobility, and meet California’s workforce needs. 


    It is a graduation requirement to take at least 1 Dual Enrollment or AP course. Many of our seniors graduate each year with at least 1 year of college already completed.


    To learn more about our Dual Enrollment program, click here. If you are interested in taking advantage of this program, you can do this during your Summer Registration Meeting or schedule a meeting with your grade level counselor or academic advisor. You can find their contact information here. Our Dual & Concurrent Enrollment Guidelines can be found HERE.


  • 1094 Helix Students Enrolled in College Classes This Year
  • 76 Dual Enrollment Sections Offered On Campus
  • 5 Dual Enrollment Courses Offered in the Arts

Options for College Classes While Enrolled in High School

  • Dual Enrollment

  • Concurrent Enrollment

  • Articulated Credit

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