Senior Board Speeches

  • As a graduation requirement, all seniors at Helix must participate in the senior presentation. One of the many things that sets Helix apart from other schools, our senior presentation project is a great preparatory exercise before going out into the real world. Each student must create a resume and cover letter, along with a presentation for their speech, which focuses on their growth in our Schoolwide Learner Outcomes. They need to use evidence from their academic learning as well as community service and extracurricular activities to demonstrate their growth in the Learner Outcomes they choose. Students present to a panel of community and staff. This Helix tradition has proven to be extremely helpful for our students and we are proud to offer it. 



  • Requirements:

    Students will stand before a panel of judges and present their final culminating speech. Judges will include Helix staff and community members. Students are evaluated on their presentation about their mastery of the Schoolwide Learner Outcomes, their delivery of the speech and their visuals. You will need to turn in prior to your Speech date: Formal Resume, Cover Letter/Letter to the Judges, Google Slides Presentation


    On your speech date:

    You will go to your assigned room on the date you are given and present your speech. You will need to wear professional/business attire and be ready to deliver a practiced, smooth speech that addresses the prompt.

    This IS a graduation requirement, so you need to show up and do your best!!