Finance Office Hours:

  • Student Hours: 

    Mon - Thurs 7:55-8:25, Nutrition Break, Lunch, and 2:45-3:30

    Fridays  7:55-8:25, Nutrition Break, Lunch, and 2:45-3:15


    Parent/Community Hours:

    Mon - Thurs 7:55-11:45 and 12:45-3:30

    Fridays  7:55-11:45 and 12:45-3:15


    School Finance Technician

    Jessica Yeagle

    (619) 644-1940 x455


    Forms of Payment Taken:

    Credit card, cash, and apple pay / tap pay. 


    Dance Clearance Info:

    • All students (even those with pre-purchased tickets) must be cleared through the attendance office before purchasing a ticket at the Finance Office.
    • Students with fines or on the Loss Of Privilege (LOP) list will not be cleared until the fines are cleared or paid and/or they are cleared from the LOP list by their Grade Level Principal.
    • If a student would like to bring a guest, they need to go to their Grade Level Principal, who can give them what they need to complete before buying the ticket. You can not purchase a guest ticket until they get final approval from their Grade Level Principal. 


    Attendance Clearance: