One of the responsibilities of ASB is to review and approve all fundraisers on Helix High School, and any fundraisers by Helix clubs and organizations that occur off campus. Here are the steps that you need in order to get a successful fundraiser started!

1. Club Charter - In order to raise funds at Helix, you will need to submit a club charter form. This form is an important financial document that outlines to our Finance Clerk what type of organization you are and the information needed to open a financial account for your funds. Submit your club charter to the ASB box in the front office for approval.

2. Fundraiser form and Master Calendar Request - The fundraiser request form outlines the specifics of your fundraiser. How much are you planning on spending in order to raise funds? What will you be selling? When and where will your fundraiser take place? ASB will review this form in order to ensure that your are not competing with another organization on campus and that your fundraiser follows all school rules and regulations. In addition to this form, you will need to complete a master calendar/facilities request form. This form tells our Facilities Manager whether you will need school areas, tables, or other resources in order to raise funds. It also officially puts your fundraiser on the master calendar! Staple these forms together and submit them to the ASB box in the front office at least one week before your event. You will be contacted by ASB to let you know if you are approved!

3. See the Finance Clerk for cash box needs - You will need to request a cash box at least three days in advance of your event. For off-campus events, you will need your Helix club/organization advisor to be present at your fundraiser. He or she will also pick up your cash box before your event and return it after your event. If you are fundraising on campus, you will retrieve your cash box from and return your cash box directly to the Finance Clerk.

4. Have fun and good luck!