Safety Bulletins

School Safety Reminders:

1) While on campus always wear your school ID in plain sight
2) No riding bikes, skateboards, skooters, skates on campus. (Must walk them!)
3) Helmet is required for anyone under 18 years of age using the above equipment.
4) Report all suspicous activity/persons to staff/ School Resource Officer/ Crimestoppers
5) Helix is a closed campus---NO unauthorized visitors----CAMPUS is closed to everyone after hours.

Parenting Difficult Teens

For Parents and Caregivers of Teens
 ages 13-17
Thursday Evenings from 6-7 PM

Please call the EastCountyFamily JusticeCenter at (619) 456-9609

For enrollment date and location

The City of La Mesa’s Teen Website is available for all teens to access useful teen information.  Go to, the Teen Website button bar is on the left.  The website includes volunteer opportunities, faith based activities, program and resource information.