HCHS English Learner Program (Site Under Construction)

2016-17 Padres Day!

goal of Helix Charter High School English Learner Program is to provide students who have been identified as English Learners a comprehensive program that develops English fluency as rapidly as possible while maintaining access to a rigorous academic core curriculum.

From 2006 to 2010, the EL population at HCHS was around 100 students, in 2011 our EL enrollment declined for a two years. Starting in 2013, we experienced an influx in our enrollment in the English Learner Program and/or identification as an English Learner in the student's prior setting, due in part to an influx of Newcomers to the area and increased evaluation of all incoming 9th grade student records. Presently we are averaging 140 English Learners since 2014.

Based on the 2014-15 California Department of Education, Educational Demographics Office there are 146 English Learners with 14 varying Home Languages. The major languages spoken are Spanish (103), Somali (8), Vietnamese (8) and other Non-English Languages (8).

English Learners are initially placed in the EL Program based on their CELDT score. In order to promote to the next level, students must achieve a teacher recommendation and show growth in the following areas:
        • CELDT (California English Language Development Test)
        • EDGE Curriculum Placement Test
        • Lexile Level (Assessment TBD)
        • Teacher indication in Listening, Speaking, Comprehension, Reading and Writing
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