2015-16 Synopsis

2015-16 LCAP Synopsis


The 2015-16 LCAP has a different look due to significant changes mandated by the State Board of Education, encouraged by county officials and prompted by feedback received from stakeholders. The changes include:

  • Modifications to the LCAP template that were mandated by the State Board of Education 
  • Consolidation of the 28 goals from 28 to 6
  • Inclusion of a new goal focused on achievement gap

It is hoped these changes give stakeholders a more focused and less fractured look at the LCAP. Due to the changes ordered by the state Board of Education, the LCAP template now combines the Annual Measurable Outcomes with Actions, Services and Budget and requires an annual review to compare plans with actual services, actions and expenditures.

The consolidation of 28 goals in 2014-2015 to six in 2015-2016 will provide more focus, improve the link between goals and services and allow Helix and its stakeholders to better prioritize the work outlined in the LCAP. 

Based on stakeholder input, the 2015-16 LCAP Goals are as follows:

Goal 1.   Provide a Comprehensive Education with Academic Rigor: Creating a High Performing Culture that Equips Students to Reach Personal and Academic Potential


Goal 2.   Safe and Supportive Environment: Develop and Sustain a Safe and Supportive Environment that Promotes Good Citizenship and a Healthy Lifestyle

Goal 3.   21st Century Technology: Modernize and Systematically Integrate Technology into Helix Culture

Goal 4.   Expanded School: Expand opportunities for student learning

Goal 5.   Close the Achievement Gap Through Effective Collaboration and Innovative Practice

Goal 6.   Parent and Community Integration: Develop Parent and Community Partnerships that Establish Helix as a Community Center