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Hello Student, Parents/Guardians,

May is Mental Health Awareness Month .  This years theme is "Hope for Change".  We hope that we can start the conversation on bringing Mental Health awareness and acknowledging that our mental health is as important as our physical health. There are great webinars for students and parents this month on Mental Health. 

May 4 – 6 - Mind Out Loud - This free, three-day virtual event for middle and high school students will provide an opportunity to discuss mental health, connect with peers across California, hear from engaging speakers on mental health awareness and advocacy, learn about suicide prevention, and reduce stigma associated with mental health. Click here for more information and to register. 

Mental Health Calendar: Click here for day to day activities through out the month of May.

Here are some example of grounding techniques that can help with stress brought to you by the American Psychological Association.

Hello Students, Parents/Guardians,

We would like to acknowledge that this school year has not been like no other.  Our mental health has been affected and we like to provide our Helix Families with some Mental Health Presentations and Resources.

SDYS will be setting up table booths at Helix with information on Mental Health on April 13th and 15th.  Resources and goodies will be given out to students.

Suicide Prevention 101 for Parents: Recognizing Signs and What to Do: Webinar for Parents

April 7, 2021 at 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM.

To register: To register:  https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_zOLFzulAQVKEfeCvdIPhMA

Or join the live stream event here: https://www.facebook.com/CAEducation/

SDYS Presents Parent Meetings in April for Helix Families: Presentation will be in English and Spanish

Parent Presentation Flyers:

April 23: Prevención de Abuso de Drogas y Alcohol 20ava Conferencia Educativa: Invitamos a la comunidad Latina de San Diego. Aprenda sobre las drogas que existen y como estas ponen en peligro la vida de nuestros hijos. Viernes April 23, 2021 6:00-8:30pm.

Zoom: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89304670545

April 24: 

National Prescription Drug Take Back Day on Saturday, April 24th from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Drive-through options are available! It is anonymous and they also will accept vaping devices if batteries have been removed.


The National Prescription Drug Take Back Day provides an opportunity to clear out any unused prescription medications that may be at home or in a medicine cabinet that may be abused by family or friends. Families may have stocked up on prescriptions and over-the-counter medications due to the pandemic, so this Take Back Day is particularly important. Below is a blurb from their site on the importance of this public health issue.


“The National Prescription Drug Take Back Day addresses a crucial public safety and public health issue. According to the 2019 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 9.7 million people misused prescription pain relievers, 4.9 million people misused prescription stimulants, and 5.9 million people misused prescription tranquilizers or sedatives in 2019. The survey also showed that a majority of misused prescription drugs were obtained from family and friends, often from the home medicine cabinet. The DEA’s Take Back Day events provide an opportunity for Americans to prevent drug addiction and overdose deaths.”

Find a location near you!

April 28-29: CSA San Diego Symposium: Covid-19 Conundrums: speakers will discuss the impact the pandemic has had on community access to social justice, economic wellbeing, health and housing as well as potential avenues to address such disparities. Register here: https://www.c4sa.org/symposium

April 29: Internet Safety and Human Trafficking 101:
Join the Lawyers Club Human Trafficking Collaborative for an in-depth conversation about how traffickers gain access to children online and what parents can to to combat it.  Kelly McCaughey, head of Shared Hope Internationals’ internet safety initiative will share her expertise with us. 

Welcome to the month of March! Here are some great resources for students and parents. 

A guided self-reflection exercise for exploring life's challenges and finding solutions that fit you.
Build your Grit

Some Helpful Facts for Families: Helping Teenagers with Stress.

Celebrating Black History Month:


Thursday, February 18, 2021, at 12:00pm CT 
Taking the Natural Step to Sustainability, Health and Saving Money and the Planet 
with Terry Gips

Friday, February 19, 2021, at 12:00pm CT 
Black History: Celebrating Family & Community Sustainability
with Alexandra James and Katthe Wolf

American Psychological Association: Helping Kids with Missing Milestones

We hope you all had a safe and restful break.  We have compiled some resources and webinars for the New Year. 

NAMI California



Wednesday, January 6, 2021, at 12:00pm CT
Boundaries and Healthy Communication during the New Year
with Ahmad Abojaradeh

Thursday, January 7, 2021, at 12:00pm CT 
Developing & Sustaining Relationships through Virtual Service Delivery
with Eva Rivera  

Friday, January 8, 2021, at 12:00pm CT 
A Path Towards Building Authentic Relationships and Creating Institutional Change: Allyship
with Carol Mizoguchi 


Miércoles, 6 de enero, 2021, a la 1:30 pm CT 
Cómo Prevenir y Afrontar la Fatiga Pandémica
con Ana Laura Garza García

Jueves, 7 de enero, 2021, a la 1:30 pm CT 
El Mejor Año de tu Vida: Parte 1
con Javier Díaz

Viernes, 8 de enero, 2021, a la 1:30 pm CT 
El Mejor Año de tu Vida: Parte 2
con Javier Díaz

Dear Parents/Guardian and Students,

On behave of the Wellness Center, we would like to wish everyone a safe holiday. Here are some helpful resources during the holidays.  

No-Cost Holiday Meals and Gift Assistance Programs

Tips for reducing stress, helping kids cope and making new traditions. 

Social and Emotional Strategies at HomeDuring COVID-19 by the San Diego County of Education

Helping Teens with Gratitude can help with teen mental health.

What Is Gratitude?

Gratitude is one of many positive emotions. It's about focusing on what's good in our lives and being thankful for the things we have.

Gratitude is pausing to notice and appreciate the things that we often take for granted, like having a place to live, food, clean water, friends, family, even computer access. It's taking a moment to reflect on how fortunate we are when something good happens — whether it's a small thing or a big thing.

We can use lots of words to describe feelings of gratitude: We might say we feel thankful, lucky, fortunate, humbled, or blessed (Teen Health from Nermurs). 

Helplines and Support:

National Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8266
NAMI: 1-800-950-NAMI (6264) or info@nami.org
Mental Health America: 1-800-273-TALK (8255), text MHA to 741741

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,

We would like to thank you for staying strong and being resilent during these difficult times.  We have compiled a list of resources and webinars.  

La Mesa Rental Assistance Program will be accepting a second round of applications from 11/2/20 at 8am to 11/4/2020 at 6pm. First come first serve. 

Food assistance and Distribution Locations


Check out the website for the entire list of free webinars being offered in English and Spanish.

Go to link: Be Strong Families

Families for Depression Awareness

Understanding Teen Depression

Register to Watch on Demand

October Resources and Information:

Anxiety Support Group
Wednesday at 2:00 PM. 
Please refer to the flyer for more details. 

2020 Youth Leadership Academy from Pride and Project Youth

Youth Leadership Academy

Saturday, November 14th - Sunday, November 15th


FREE (Apply here)

Please apply for this wonderful opportunity!!

Red Ribbon Week October 23-31

This year’s Red Ribbon Week theme is Be Happy. Be Brave. Be Drug Free 

The theme is a call to action to speak out in support of healthy choices. It also serves as a reminder that we are all empowered with shaping the communities around us through positivity, bravery and strength (2020 national family partnership).

Red Ribbon Resources:

Student Resources on where to get help with drug addiction and other information of drug prevention.

Drug prevention and education resources for parents, educators, and caregivers

Drug prevention and education resources for teens. 

September Resources:

September is Suicide Awareness and Prevention Month:
We would like to share resources and spread awareness.  This topic is highly stigmatized and often not talked about but with understanding and compassion we can all make a difference. 


Please Clink on link for Resources from 

This event is raising Awareness for Youth Mental Health and Suicide Prevention.

Click below to watch now and hear powerful stories of resiliency from speakers like Lexi Underwood, Lavendaire, and Emma Benoit, along with entertaining performances from Tate McRae, Shin Lim, and Fuego!


Click here to watch on YouTube

Click here to watch on the LivingWorks Youth Summit website

August Resources:

Housing Resource: City of La Mesa 

Homestart (Rental Assistance) Application Closed

Teens: (Teen Health from Nemours)

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Parents Resources: (Child Mind Institute)

Black Lives Matters

The California Parent and Youth Helpline provides support and resource referrals to parent and youth during the current COVID-19 pandemic, 7-days a week from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.  Call or text 1-855-4APARENT (855-427-2736) for services in English, Spanish and other languages.  For more information, please visit: https://caparentyouthhelpline.org/

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Dear Students, if you have been impacted by the loss of your classmates, we have set up a support system
to assist you.

Contact your Grade Level Team or the Wellness Center Social Workers to get connected to individual or group support.

Class of 2022: glt2022@helixcharter.net
Class of 2023: glt2023@helixcharter.net
Class of 2021: glt2021@helixcharter.net
Class of 2020: glt2020@helixcharter.net

Wellness Center:
Mrs. Yee: yee@helixcharter.net (619) 405-6588 Make an Appointment Via Calendly
Mrs. Fernandez fernandez@helixcharter.net (619) 405-2386 Make an Appointment Via Calendly

Our community partner San Diego Youth Services (SDYS) will be providing additional individual and group support through zoom/phone. Contact your GLT or the Wellness Center to be connected to these supports.



Hello students we hope you are all doing well.  In this time of social distancing we would like to continue to support your mental health needs and set up ways to provide counseling support. 

Here is a helpful link that provides positive coping strategies that you can do at home gritx.org.  

We are here for you. You may email or leave a message on our work cell phones to request a virtual or phone call meeting appointment. We will respond to emails within regular school hours.  

Lorena Fernandez: fernandez@helixcharter.net (619) 405-2386

Danielle Yee: yee@helixcharter.net (619) 405-6588

We have some great resources to help with our mental health. Please check them out. We will add new ones periodically. 

San Diego County Office of Education
Kids Health
    Kids Health Relaxing Breathing        

Smiling Mind (free mindfulness program on web or app)
    Thrive Inside (Smiling Mind's program specific to Covid-19 social distancing)

Take care and stay safe,
Mrs. Fernandez and Mrs. Yee

Dear Guardians/Parents, 

We understand that we are experiencing  a lot of uncertainty and fear due the COVID-19  pandemic the world is facing, but together we will get through this.  “Life doesn’t get easier or more forgiving, we get stronger and more resilient” (Steve Maraboli).

We compiled a list of resources that may be helpful to help manage stress.   We have a section for Parents and Students. Feel free to contact us if you need support Mrs. Fernandez (fernandez@helixcharter.net)  and Mrs. Yee (yee@helixcharter.net). 

Estimados Guardian/Padres,

Entendimos que estamos pasando mucha incertidumbre y miedo por él pandemia COVID-19 que el mundo está enfrentado pero unidos lo superaremos.  “La Vida no es mas facil or perdona, pero nos hacemos más fuertes y más resistente (Steve Maraboli).”

Nosotras compilamos un lista de recursos que pueden ayudar a manejar el estrés y dar ideas como ayudar a una mismo y a sus estudiantes.   Si necesita apoyo favor de contactar a la Señora Fernández (fernández@helixcharterter.net) o la Señora Yee (yee@helixcharter.net).  

Coping with COVID-19 (Child Mind Institute)

COVID-19 Resource Page (Suicide Prevention Council)

COMPREHENSIVE COVID-19 Resource Guide for Staying Mentally and Emotionally Healthy at Home (long, but excellent list of resources from the San Diego County Office of Education)

Safe at Home

Talking to Kids with Anxiety about COVID-19 (Anxiety Canada) 

Parent's Guide to Teenagers and Sleep (Child Mind)


Basics: Find help here with food, housing, utilities, clothing 

Counseling (Community-Based)Agencies and programs available in the community for mental health, behavioral health, and grief

Resources for Military Families: Resources in San Diego available to children and families of active-duty military.