Helix Wellness Center COVID-19 Page

Hello students we hope you are all doing well.  In this time of social distancing we would like to continue to support your mental health needs and set up ways to provide counseling support. 

Here is a helpful link that provides positive coping strategies that you can do at home gritx.org.  

We are here for you. You may email us or request a virtual or phone call meeting appointment using the Calendly links below. We will respond to emails within regular school hours.  

Lorena Fernandez: fernandez@helixcharter.net or at Mrs. Fernandez Calendly Site

Danielle Yee: yee@helixcharter.net or at Mrs. Yee’s Calendly Site

We have some great resources to help with our mental health. Please check them out. We will add new ones periodically. 

San Diego County Office of Education
Kids Health
    Kids Health Relaxing Breathing        

Smiling Mind (free mindfulness program on web or app)
    Thrive Inside (Smiling Mind's program specific to Covid-19 social distancing)

Take care and stay safe,
Mrs. Fernandez and Mrs. Yee

Dear Guardians/Parents, 

We understand that we are experiencing  a lot of uncertainty and fear due the COVID-19  pandemic the world is facing, but together we will get through this.  “Life doesn’t get easier or more forgiving, we get stronger and more resilient” (Steve Maraboli).

We compiled a list of resources that may be helpful to help manage stress.   We have a section for Parents and Students. Feel free to contact us if you need support Mrs. Fernandez (fernandez@helixcharter.net)  and Mrs. Yee (yee@helixcharter.net). 

Estimados Guardian/Padres,

Entendimos que estamos pasando mucha incertidumbre y miedo por él pandemia COVID-19 que el mundo está enfrentado pero unidos lo superaremos.  “La Vida no es mas facil or perdona, pero nos hacemos más fuertes y más resistente (Steve Maraboli).”

Nosotras compilamos un lista de recursos que pueden ayudar a manejar el estrés y dar ideas como ayudar a una mismo y a sus estudiantes.   Si necesita apoyo favor de contactar a la Señora Fernández (fernández@helixcharterter.net) o la Señora Yee (yee@helixcharter.net).  

Coping with COVID-19 (Child Mind Institute)

COVID-19 Resource Page (Suicide Prevention Council)

COMPREHENSIVE COVID-19 Resource Guide for Staying Mentally and Emotionally Healthy at Home (long, but excellent list of resources from the San Diego County Office of Education)

Safe at Home

Talking to Kids with Anxiety about COVID-19 (Anxiety Canada) 

Parent's Guide to Teenagers and Sleep (Child Mind)


Basics: Find help here with food, housing, utilities, clothing 

Counseling (Community-Based)Agencies and programs available in the community for mental health, behavioral health, and grief

Resources for Military Families: Resources in San Diego available to children and families of active-duty military.