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All College Visits with Helix for Fall 2020 are Virtual. 
They are posted on your Grade Level Team Google Calendar.
In the location you can access the zoom link and in the Description you will find the passcode if needed.
Some events must be pre-registered for so read description notes carefully

Junior Night Part 1: Behind the Scenes of an Admission Office
April 13, 4-5pm PT (7-8pm ET)
Special Guest: Tom Campbell, Assistant Dean Of Admissions at Pomona College

On the session, we’ll cover:

  • What happens after you hit submit through when you receive your decision?
  • How did the Test Optional policy impact admission decisions this year—and how are colleges like Pomona able to create a class without standardized tests?
  • How was application reading different from past years?
  • Essays: What do you look for in a great personal statement? How much do essays matter? Can they ever hurt your chances?
  • Demonstrated interest: How does it really work? What does Pomona track? What do other schools track?
  • Q&A: Submit questions in advance at this form. We'll select a few to answer live.

Junior Night Part 2: What Should I Be Doing Right Now to Prepare for College?
April 20th, 4-5pm PT (7-8pm ET)
Special Guest: Susan Tree, College Counselor & Former Associate Dean of Admissions

On this session, we’ll cover:

  • What has changed in the college admission world since the pandemic started—and what hasn’t
  • Why students should stop thinking of the admissions process as a contest of grades and scores (and what to do instead)
  • Why good students sometimes aren’t accepted at their “likely” schools
  • How (and where) to address pandemic experiences in the application
  • How students can stand out—in a good way—despite limited extracurricular activity involvement
  • What juniors can be doing right now: a tangible set of action items
  • Q&A: Submit questions in advance at this form. We'll select a few to answer live.

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