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All College Visits with Helix for Fall 2020 are Virtual. 
They are posted on your Grade Level Team Google Calendar.
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Sunday October 18th, 11:30 AM

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Scholarships, scholarships, scholarships! Yes, it’s important for students to do some work to apply for scholarships, but scholarships aren’t the only money available in financial aid. In fact, the lion’s share of financial aid comes in the form of OTHER types of money…not scholarships. Yet too many parents base their college decisions upon whether or not their student gets a scholarship. Let us help!

The HEFAR Group is a non-profit company with a mission to help make college more affordable for everyone. As one of the top college funding advisors in the country, we know every loophole available to help you get more free money for college. Click above to view this week’s Financial Aid Mini Workshop.

If you like the information in our Financial Aid Mini Workshop, click below to view our full-hour recorded webinar, Beat the High Cost of College!

You can also Click Here to see what others are saying about The HEFAR Group.

(Counselors, if you like this information and think it can benefit your families, please share it with them. Simply forward this email. You can also invite your families to join us for our live webinar, Beat the High Cost of College! This FREE webinar is offered monthly and is open to all parents of college-bound students. You’ll receive an email webinar invitation each month that you can simply forward to your parents. Preview the recorded version below. Note that space is limited and our webinars fill up quickly).