SAT/ACT Practice/Class information:

Time to get prepared for the SAT/ACT
  • Are you going to take the SAT or SAT or both?
  • Have you made an account on the testing website(s)?      SAT      ACT
    • Tips for setting up your account:
    1. Use your LEGAL Name as it appears on your high school records
      • if you have more than one last name, put them all.
      • not matching your high school records can cause problems in college admissions
    2. Use your personal email account
      • You will not have access to your helix email after you graduate and you may find a need to access your account later in life
      • Use the SAME email for all accounts for college
    3. Use your Helix Password
      • It is VERY easy to get yourself locked out of your accounts and it can be very frustrating when completing applications for college admissions when you get locked out of your testing account.
    4. Create a college account Google Doc
      • record the 
        • website
        • username
        • password
        • email account used
      • Share this document between your Helix account and your personal account
      • record ALL college related accounts on this document
  • What Month are you going to take the test?
    • Registration deadlines are usually one month prior to the test, so plan early
    • for actual test dates/registration deadlines/fees go directly to the testing website:
    • At time of registration you have 4 FREE score reports to send to colleges. USE THEM (These FREE reports EXPIRE the day you take the test and you will have to PAY later)
      • If you are not 100% sure of where you are applying, these are the recommended schools to send your scores to:
        • 1 - California State University, Apply (SAT only) will send to all 23 CSU campuses
          • For ACT, send to ONE CSU campus
        • 1 - University of California campus will send to all 9 campuses
        • 2 - out of state or private schools
      • If you apply to these schools you will not have to pay to send them later, if you do not apply, no harm by having sent them.
  • Set up a practice schedule...
    • Time you will spend each week from now until the test going on line and preparing for the test.
    • FREE Online Test Prep for ALL Helix Students. SAT, through Kahn Academy and ACT, through Naviance

2019-2020 Practice Exams @ Helix:

August 31, 2019 - Mock ACT ($10)

Sales open: June 11th (no refunds)
Sales close: July 3rd

September 21, 2019 - Mock SAT ($10)

Sales open: June 11th (no refunds)
Sales close: July 3rd

October 19, 2019 - PSAT ($20)

Sales open: June 11th (no refunds)
Sales close: July 3rd

February 1, 2020 - Mock ACT ($10)

Sales open: December 10th (no refunds)
Sales close: January 22nd

April 18, 2020 - Mock SAT ($10)

Sales open: March 1 (no refunds)
Sales close: April 10th

You can sign up for any of these exams through the Helix student store before sales close. After sales close, students may CRASH the test.
Students who qualify for fee waivers, should sign up through their Grade Level Team, not the students store.