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Transcript Requests

Need to send your high school transcript to a college?
  • Class of 2021:
    • Make sure the college is actually asking for it now
      • UC and CSU schools do NOT want them now.
    • Make sure the college is on your Colleges Applying to list
      • Click on "+ Request Transcripts"
        • If request is to be sent before Janaury, choose Initial
        • If request is to be sent after Fall grades have posted, Janaury - May, Choose Mid-Year
        • Do NOT use this system for Final Transcripts. (We will review that process closer to graduation.
    • If you need/want a copy for your own use, email your grade level team for a copy.

*Must be logged into Helix account to access documents

used for UC/CSU ONLY

College Application Assistance

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