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Early Decision VS Early Action

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How to Apply to College: A Step-by-Step Course on Creating an Awesome College Application

September 4th - 25th

The course comes in two parts:

How to Write a Personal Statement (Part 1)
Saturdays in September from 10-11:30am PT

How to Write the College Application + Supplemental Essays (Part 2)
Saturday evenings in September from 4-5:30pm PT

    I've put pretty much everything I know about helping students write great college essays into an easy-to-follow, step-by-step video course. I’ve developed a suite of resources so students will have everything they need to not only write an awesome personal statement, but also tackle their supplemental essays, activities list, and the additional information statement.

    Students will receive all the video lessons as soon as they register, and can then join me for live sessions throughout September.

    Here are a few new additions that I’m SUPER excited about:

    • Get started writing today. By popular demand and based on our wildly different schedules, I've recorded all of the lessons in video format. So, after you sign up, you'll get instant access and can binge watch them and start right away. Students will also get recordings of all the live sessions in September.
    • Brand new content in my new essay revising tool. After analyzing hundreds of outstanding personal statements, I've developed my Choose Your Own Adventure essay tool, which includes some brand new approaches for helping students find topics and write better college essays more efficiently.
    • Updated content for 2021 supplemental essays. This month, my team and I are updating the course to include content for the 2021 supplemental essay topics just released in the Common App on August 1st. On the course, I'll share guides for writing the supplemental essays for a wide range of colleges.

    Can't afford the course? Access is one of my core values. As with all of my courses, I have pay-what-you-can spots available. Students who can't afford the cost of the course can request a spot at the link above.

    How to Create a Great College List | Full Guide Here

    Current senior finalizing your college list? Junior looking to get a head start? Check out the full step-by-step guide, plus some of my favorite resources here for researching and "visiting" colleges from home.

    Back-to-School College Essay Webinars for Seniors (Recordings)

    ICYMI, here are the recording from last week's webinars:

    How to Write an Outstanding Personal Statement (Part 1) | Recording Here

      • The Purpose of the Personal Statement (i.e., What Colleges Are Looking for)
      • Two Fun Ways to Find Your Personal Statement Topic
      • How (and Why) to Show Your Core Values
      • Two Successful Personal Statement Examples
      • Topics to Potentially Avoid
      • Q&A

    How to Create an Outstanding College Application (Part 2) | Recording Here

      • A Sane College Application Timeline
      • The Importance of Finding and Showing Your Core Values (Again)
      • The Other Essential Parts of Your College Application
      • Tips for Creating a Great Activities List
      • How to Make Use of the Additional Info Section
      • How (and When) to Address COVID-19 in Your Application
      • Q&A

    Free College Application Help for Low-Income Students | Students Apply Here

    Through our Matchlighters Scholars program, we pair high-achieving students from low-income families with experienced college counselors for free one-on-one college essay and application coaching. If you (or a student you know) may benefit, please pass this opportunity along to them.

    If you're an experienced college counselor who'd like to volunteer to join the team, learn more here.

    Application Support Documents:

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    used for UC/CSU ONLY

    College Application Assistance

    Club College
    Wednesdays, 1:30 - 5:45 in Room 240

    5 Favorite College Application Resources:

    How to Write a Successful Common App Activities List - You only get 150 characters on the activities list for the Common Application. How do you make the most of that space? Here's a guide.

    How to Use the Common App Additional Information Section - Many students underutilize this important section, or feel they have to jam every last detail of their lives into their personal statement. Here, I share a handful of things that you might consider sharing in this *optional* section.

    How to Write the "Why Us?" Essay - The "Why Us?" essay is one of the most common supplemental essay prompts. Your mission: to demonstrate—through specific details and examples—why you’re a great match for a particular school. This guide walks you through it.

    The College Application Hub - Working on your "Why this major?" or extracurricular essay? Trying to figure out how to get great teacher recommendations? Not sure how to prepare for your college interview? Chances are, it's on this page. I keep this one bookmarked.

    Tackling the Optional COVID-19 Question in the Common App - This guide will show you how (or if) you should answer that optional 250 word question in the Common Application on COVID-19.