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At a recent NACAC presentation on micro-barriers in the college admissions process, I learned this fact:

84% of high-achieving students with family incomes below $20,000 fail to obtain the Common Application fee waiver for college applications—despite being eligible for one (Jack Kent Cooke foundation, 2016)

How to Create a Great College List - With acceptance rates dropping every year to record lows, it's super important to have a balanced college list. Why? Every single year I hear from students who didn't get admitted to their "target" schools and yes, even what they called their "safety" schools (I'm thinking of the UCs this year). Here's my guide on how to figure out what you're looking for and ultimately make sure you have a balanced college list, plus a handy-dandy spreadsheet with tips on where to research and how to track everything.

How to Get a Great Letter of Recommendation from Teachers - If you're a junior, the end of the year (after APs and finals) is a great time to give your teacher a heads up that you'd like to ask them for a recommendation when application time comes around next fall. But how do you ask and ultimately get a solid recommendation letter? It starts with building authentic relationships with your teachers. The blog post linked above provides a step-by-step guide. Please make sure you NEED a letter before requesting it. Many colleges will not take them.