College Center

Welcome to the College Center!
We are located in Room 180
Drop Ins Welcome before school, at break, lunch or after school.
Appointments required during periods 1 - 4

College Access Counselor: Mrs. Cathy Singer
        STUDENTS, to schedule an appointment, click here.
        You can communicate via email at

Important Announcements:
  • College and Career Success Class offered Term 2 period 1:
    • This is a College Course taught by a College Instructor
    • Eligibility: 
      • Grades 11 & 12 (10th grade may be approved by petition)
      • Strong student academically, maturity and work ethic
        • Taking this class starts your college GPA, so take it seriously and do your BEST.
    • Class Details:
      • Dates: TBD
      • Tuesdays and Thursdays (Period 1)
      • 3 college units/10 high school credits
      • Tuition & Fees are Waived (you may need to pay for a textbook)
    • Expectations:
      • This is a COLLEGE class, so your attendance, participation and work turned in on time is expected. 
      • This class may NOT post grades on line nor will the instructor contact Helix or the parents if there are issues. College students have privacy rights and the student is expected to take care of their own business
      • You may be expected to purchase/rent a textbook at your own expense
    • COUNSELING 120* COLLEGE AND CAREER SUCCESS  This course teaches success strategies to enhance academic and lifelong learning. The course also discusses the importance of looking at the human being as an integrated physiological, social and psychological organism. Students will explore personality types and examine their own interests and values as a way to increase self-understanding and select an appropriate major and career. Students will identify their learning style and apply psychological principles of learning, memory, motivation and stress management to academic study strategies. Students will also apply life management techniques, such as time and money management, to accomplish personal goals. Students will examine the adult stages of development and develop a plan for wellness and living a long and healthy life. Additionally, students will be given the opportunity to practice creative and critical thinking techniques. CSU, CSU GE, UC
  • Club College has moved to Room 180. It meets every Wednesday from 3:00 - 5:00.
  • FAFSA/Dream Act deadline is March 2nd, but the earlier you submit the better chances you have of getting all your "need" met. If you have not submitted, submit TODAY!

What to do after you submit your college applications:
  • submit your FAFSA/Dream Act Application
    • all students should submit even if you are not sure you want to go to college.
    • Make sure you have put either Grossmont or Cuyamaca on your college list for FAFSA/Dream Act
  • send OFFICIAL scores (SAT/ACT) to colleges
    • For University of California, you only need to send to ONE campus and they will be accessible to all 9 campuses.
    • For California State University:
      • SAT: send to California State University, Mentor Long Beach and it will be accessible to all 23 campuses.
      • ACT: you have a choice. You can choose to pay to send it to all campuses you applied to OR you can send to one and then after that school processes it you can release the scores to the other campuses through CSU Mentor ACT Score Manager for FREE.
  • Update your Naviance account:
    • Make sure your colleges I'm applying to list is complete and accurate.
      • if you decided not to apply to a school remove it.
      • if you applied to a school that is not on the list, add it.
    • Indicate that you submitted your application by clicking on the edit pencil icon and checking the box that you submitted for each college you already turned in an application.
    • As you get admissions decisions, edit to indicate the results of your applications
      • You should only use ONE of the following options:
        • Conditionally Accept: if you were accepted. (All acceptance offers are conditional upon your graduation, verification of your final transcript and meeting all deadlines.)
        • Denied: you were NOT accepted and/or wait listed.
          • If you were offered a spot on the wait list and accepted that offer, then you choose denied and click the box that states wait listed.
  • Apply for scholarships
    • The more you apply for the more you increase your odds of receiving some.
    • You can find lists:
      • Naviance scholarship list
      • Naviance National Scholarship Search
2017 & 2018:
Dual Enrollment:
If you want to take classes through Grossmont/Cuyamaca Colleges next semester, registration is open NOW. You must have an active application on file with the college AND submit a NEW High School Concurrent Enrollment Form before you may register for classes. Summer classes will not be available until quarter 4.

Kevin Brown is our ambassador from Grossmont and Cuyamaca Colleges. He will be at helix in room 180 to assist you with any questions you may have or support you may need on the following dates:
  • Monday, November 7th 8:30 - 1:00
  • Monday, November 28th 8:15 - 1:00
  • Monday December 12th 8:15 - 1:00
You can also email him with any questions you may have by clicking on his name above.

Time to get prepared for the SAT/ACT

It is time to start planning your testing plan/schedule.
  • Are you going to take the SAT or SAT or both?
  • Have you made and account on the testing website(s)?
    • Tips for setting up your account:
      1. Use your LEGAL Name as it appears on your high school records
        • if you have more than one last name, put them all.
        • not matching your high school records can cause problems in college admissions
      2. Use your personal email account
        • You will not have access to your helix email after you graduate and you may find a need to access your account later in life
        • Use the SAME email for all accounts for college
      3. Use your Helix Password
        • It is VERY easy to get yourself locked out of your accounts and it can be very frustrating when completing applications for college admissions when you get locked out of your testing account.
      4. Create a college account Google Doc
        • record the 
          • website
          • username
          • password
          • email account used
        • Share this document between your Helix account and your personal account
        • record ALL college related accounts on this document
  • What Month are you going to take the test?
    • Registration deadlines are usually one month prior to the test, so plan early
    • for actual test dates/registration deadlines/fees go directly to the testing website:
  • Set up a practice schedule...
    • Time you will spend each week from now until the test going on line and preparing for the test.
    • FREE Online Test Prep for ALL Helix Students. SAT, through Kahn Academy and ACT, through Naviance.