The Helix Charter High School Business Services Department is responsible for the day to day financial operations of Helix Charter High School. 
Our office is responsible for Accounts Receivable, Payroll, Benefits, Accounts Payable, Purchasing, Budget, Audit and Other Financial Operations for Helix Charter High School. 
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Our Mission

The Business Services team strives to provide excellence in customer service by providing timely and accurate payments and benefit management to Helix's employees and vendors. We are dedicated to accurate and timely reporting of the financial position of Helix Charter High School and monitoring of the sources and uses of the public funds provided to our Charter school.

This is our contribution to support the overall Helix Charter High School mission to provide excellent educational opportunities for our children. 

Contact Us 
Anita Lancaster, Chief Business Official, Ext 452                    lancaster@helixcharter.net
Earline Collis, Procurement & Receivables Tech, Ext. 170       collis@helixcharter.net
Michelle Estrella, Payroll & Benefits Technician Ext. 313                       estrella@helixcharter.net
Angel Siscon, ASB Finance (Student Store & ASB) Ext. 455 - asiscon@helixcharter.net

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