Scholarship Recipients

The following are the winners of the $59,000 awarded to 31 Helix Seniors from the Class of 2008.

To sponsor a scholarship, or donate to an existing scholarship, please contact Jim Arnaiz

Click here for the application for the 2008/2009 scholarships.

Michael A. Spinazzola Memorial Scholarship - $2,000
Sponsored by Dan Spinnozola
Awarded to Kevin Thompson

Dick Langston Memorial Scholarship - $1,000
Sponsored by alumni and friends
Awarded to Kirk Yslas

Tom Archambault Memorial Scholarship - $1,000
Awarded to Lindsay Larson

Helix Foundation Endowment and Script - $1,000 each (2 winners)
Awarded to Laura Gonzalez and Kayla Lauzier

Costco Wholesale Scholarship - $2,500 each (2 winners)
Sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Jim Sinegel
Awarded to Davene Mignott and Helen Weldeghiorgis

Peter Richard Giordano Memorial Scholarship - $2,000 each (5 winners)
Sponsored by PRG Financial Resources
Awarded to Cassandra Chase, Chanelle Chestnutt, Amanda Friel, Alexia Silva and Casey Harris

Miller Family Foundation Scholarship - $2,000 each (6 winners)
Sponosored by the Miller Family Foundation
Awarded to Ebonee Carter, Deshavon Childress, Melissa Gal, Andrew Graham, Thoraya Maronesy andSamantha Millard

Biggs Medical Consulting Business Scholarship - $1,000 each (2 winners)
Sponsored by Mike Biggs
Awarded to Francisco Correa and Samuel Pullman

Karon Hammerschmidt Memorial Scholarship - $1,000
Sponsored by Dan Hammerschmidt
Awarded to Nathan Krewitsky

Michael Durden Memorial Scholarship - $1,000
Sponsored by the San Diego Chargers
Awarded to Lindsay Matteson

Jim Oxe Memorial Scholarship - $1,000
Sponsored by members of the 1978 CIF Championship football team, community members and family friends of Mr. Oxe
Awarded to Thuy Nguyen

Helix Alumni Association Scholarship - $1,000
Sponsored by the Helix Alumni Association
Awarded to Andrea Martin Del Campo

Helix Alumni Association Scholarship - $500 each (2 winners)
Sponsored by the Helix Alumni Association
Awarded to Angela Swan and Tiffany Tran

Robert Stanley White Scholarship - $1,000
Sponsored by Robert Stanley White
Awarded to Giselle Laguna

Mr. Clovis Hill Memorial Scholarship - $500
Sponsored by Jacqueline Vaughn
Awarded to Yulily Tsank

Bill Bible Memorial Scholarship - $500
Sponsored by friends and staff
Awarded to Ian Lewis

David Schultz Memorial Scholarship - $1,000
Sponsored by Victor Danh
Awarded to Noah Brandt

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