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1951 – 1959                                                                                                                                               top
1953Elaine (Jackson) Parrishe-mail
1954William Walcotte-mailBand, Track
1955James Berubee-mail
1955T Earle Darnaude-mailBand, Tennis
1955Lorne Drakeleye-mailAuto Shop, PE, Having Fun
1955John Paul Millere-mailChess Club
1955Carol Seeringe-mailChoir, Drama
1955Lois (Wrede) Hunte-mail
1955Lynda (Young) Lohmanne-mail
Monty Dickinson  e-mail
1956Patricia (Drake) Roedere-mailSongleader, Pom-pom corps, Girls' League Secretary, Annual staff
Julie (Coates) Spinazzolae-mail
1957Shirley (Nicks) Mathee-mailTartan staff, Drama club, High Steppers, Girls' League, Y-Teens
1957Patricia (Sandaker) Wilsone-mailMin-Tidiers, Pom Pom
1959Charles Browne-mail
Cynthia Davis  
1959Kenneth Fortier e-mail
1959Leslie Hermane-mailWrestling, Track, Cross Country, Tartan Staff
1959Carol McKenzie  e-mail
1959JR Morgane-mail  CLASS OF '59 REUNION CONTACT
1959Mary (Moss) Tamburelloe-mail

1960 – 1966                                                                                                                                                  top

1960Dee Anna (Anderson) Warde-mail 
Judy (Brown) Tinsmane-mail    
Colette (Druebber) Fleming  e-mail
1960Donna (Heim) Matthewse-mail
1960Dorothy (LaBorde) Hayes e-mail
1960Martin Richtere-mail
1960Nancy (Wall) Mouree-mail
Flag Corps, Commissioner of Public Relations
1961Theodor Banta IIIe-mailAll Stars, Neptunes Angels, Cross Country, Track
1961Arlene (Castleton) Breise Fergusone-mailTartan Staff, Flag Corps
1961Joyce (Sawyer) Herouxe-mailCheerleader, Pom-Pom Corps, Song Leader, Girls' Fashion Show, Y-Teens President
1961Stan Singere-mailBand, Pep Band, Orchestra
1961Lloyd Taylore-mail
1962Richard Badamie-mail
1962Diana Bonsignoree-mail
1962Karen Brixnere-mail
1962Robert Jacobsone-mailFootball, baseball
John Julian 
1962D. Edward Matheuse-mailTrack, Cross Country
1962Robert Smithe-mail
1963Carol (Aron) Archere-mail
1963Georgia (Churchman) Millere-mail
1963Deavon (Heilman) Badamie-mail
1963John Schneidere-mail
1963Sharon Taylore-mailDrill Team
1964Don Bonneye-mailASB, Speech & Debate, Sports
1964Bonnie Chamberse-mail
1964Brian Gibson
1964Dave Harrise-mail
1964Janice (Henderson) Millere-mailBand, Orchestra
1964Helen (Hurtado) Locke-mail  
1964Kristin (Lattin) Grubene-mail
1964Manuel Padillae-mailSr. Class Treasurer
1964Gary Ruggieroe-mailMarching Band
1965Raphael (Cardin) Knappe-mailHigh Steppers
1965Margo (Flashaar) Olandere-mailVarsity Cheerleader, Hi-Steppers, Y-Teens, Youth for Christ
1965John Granthame-mailCross Country, Wrestling, Tennis
1965Ronald Knoxe-mail
1965Terry Laniere-mail
1965Nancy (Lepore) Hughese-mailPTA Rep, ASB Rep
1965Lawrence Mendele-mailASB, Swim Team
1965Dale Ravere-mail
1966Rick Benboughe-mail
1966Charles Davise-mailFootball, Wrestling, Track
1966Kathleen (Davis) Cooke-mailGlee Club, Band, Choir
1966Frances (Godfrey) Perkinse-mailGlee Club
1966Patricia Hille-mailY-Teens, ASB
1966Sharon (Homan) Grimese-mail
1966Phillip Prathere-mailFootball, Basketball and Baseball manager
1966Linda (Syracuse) Winterse-mail
1966Jan (Trexler) Badere-mail
1967                                                                                                                                                                        top
1967Geoffrey Alschbache-mail
1967David Herzike-mail
1967Joyce (Hoffman) Marqueze-mailGreen Peppers, Hand Corp
1967David Lesliee-mail
1967John Manarde-mail
1967Laurie Sathere-mail
1967Gary SchrockTrack
1967Jay Solomone-mail
1967Jeannine (Southwell) Lairde-mail
1967Carol (Souza) Fishere-mailSr. Class Treasurer, Girl's Tennis Team
1967Candy (Young) Greenee-mailVarsity Cheerleader
1968                                                                                                                                                                                                top
1968Richard Bonnette-mail
1968Charmain (Boulio) Francise-mailYearbook, Quill & Scroll, CSF, Highsteppers, Letter Carrier, Jr and Sr Papers, Y-Teens, Multiple Planning Committees
1968David Chapmane-mail
Math Team
1968Brenda (Davis) Chapmane-mail
Math Team
1968Helen Duffye-mail
1968Bryan Eglehoffe-mail
1968Martha Gishe-mail
1968Khy Griffine-mail
1968Katherine (Haynes) Spaconee-mail
1968Valerie Hickmane-mailOrchestra
1968Carolynn Jacksone-mailGrossmont College Dances and Hi Ho Club
1968Adrian Leee-mail
1968Craig Lorenze-mailCalifornia Cadet Corps ROTC, Science Club
1968Carol (Martin) Stewarte-mail
1968Donna (Owens) Swinge-mail
1968Diane (Sdao) Alesie-mail
1968Raymond Smithe-mail
1968Merrie (Warren) Williamse-mail
1968Jacqueline Vaughne-mail

1969                                                                                                                                                                                    top
1969Lynda Hart-Fortiere-mailY-Teens, Sr. Benchwarmer
1969Holly (Heacock) McMillane-mail
1969Nancy Sheparde-mailHi-Steppers Drill Team

1970                                                                                                                                                                                            top 
1970Kurt Brunnere-mail
1970Burt Clementse-mailFootball, Baseball
1970Judi (Ehrenfried) Gottschalke-mailStudent Government
1970Mark Ericsone-mailSwimming, Football, Wrestling Manager
1970Stephen Freede-mailStudying
1970Dianne (Jurgensen) Schneidere-mail
1970Teddie (Ketterer) Holtmane-mail
Girls League
1970Douglas Kirke-mailCable sitting, Sciences
1970Deborah J. Lewise-mailRussian Club, Water Balley, EYC
1970Luke Neyndorffe-mailChess, Long Distance Running
1970David Shawe-mail
1970Roger Smithe-mailSwim Team, Key Club
1970Marcia Toline-mailRebel
1970Jeri (Trexler) Jordane-mail
1970Christine (Young) Oliveroe-mailCheerleading

1971-1978                                                                                                                                                                 top

1971Kathie (Cox) Poindextere-mail
1971Denise (DeJong) Bole-mail  
1971Eva Budzinskie-mailBand, Choir, Bench Warmers, Horizon Club
1971David Dornbusche-mailSwim, Fling photographer
1971Gaylin Lethe-mail
1971Paula (Novell) Strause-mailBand, Modern Dance Club
1971Leah Shipherde-mail
Band, Softball, Basketball, Tennis
Cheri (Cooper) Robertsone-mailJV and Varsity Cheerleader, Homecoming Princess, Leadership conferences
1972Randell Davise-mailFootball, Track
1972Mary (Gaskins) Arnolde-mail
1972Deborah (Hand) Riehlee-mailCheer, Gymnastics, ASB, Y-Teens
1972Danny Hibene-mailFootball, Baseball
1972William Murphye-mailFootball
1973Deborah Allene-mailBand
1973Mike Dixone-mailBaseball
1973Brian Duffy e-mailFrosh VP, Soph VP, Wrestling 9-12
1973John Nicholsone-mailFootball
1973Margaret "Peggy" Oldhame-mailBand
Mark Pharre-mail
1973Bill Roehriche-mail
1973Kristie (Welch) Jonese-mailVolleyball Team
1973Margaret (Weld) Ericksone-mailTartan Staff, Hi-Steppers, Drill Team
1973Leslie (Wolf) Robbe-mailMath Team, Orchestra, Science Club
1974Mark Frazier
1974Heidi (Guttzeit) Rocke-mail
Mark Ishame-mail  
Creative Writing
Gloria (Leary) Greene-mailASB, Highland Fling
1974Susan (Stahl) Waynee-mail
1975Steven Abaroae-mailStudent Council, Newspaper
1975Vicki Chappelle-mail
1975William "Bill" DeHopee-mailMath Team, Speech Team, Phil Knott's Bicycle Group
1975Kimberly Drewe-mailSoftball
1975Gregory Hughese-mail
1975Steve Karchere-mailWorked at Filippi's Pizza in Lemon Grove
1975Cynthia (McCaffrey) Murraye-mail
1975Lorie Wuebolde-mail
1976Robert Markse-mailTrack, Cross Country
1976Malcolm Smithe-mailROTC
1977Harold Bauere-mail
1977Pam (Bornheimer) Hille-mail
1977Laurie (Donnelly) Atkinsone-mail
1977Benjamin Drapere-mail
1977Katherine (Lawrence) Lakine-mailChoir, Drama, Campus Life
1977Claudia (Loftus) Pintoe-mail
1977Susan (Loraine) Halle-mail
1977William Myerse-mail
1977Christine Rennye-mail
1977Joshua Romanellie-mail
Karen Stricklere-mail
Debra Barkleye-mailBand and ASB
1978Edward Cannizzaroe-mail
1978Michael Eayrse-mail
JrROTC, Football, Track, Rifle Team
1978Martha Eng Elitharpe-mail
1978Annette Gallo-Haakmae-mailASB, Class Officer, Homecoming
1978Anthony Mitchelle-mailFootball, Deca, Afro. American Club
1978Joni (Nordsrom) Teradae-mailBand, Journalism, Bio-Med
1978Denise (True) Phillipse-mail
1979                                                                                                                                                                       top
1979Leata (Ball) Griswolde-mail
1979Steve Browne-mail
1979Mitch Cooke-mail
1979Susan Gravese-mail
1979Christina (Lehmann) Duenez e-mail
1979Peter Marriotte-mailBagpipe Band
1979Sally (McIntyre) Achorde-mailBagpipe band
1979Kitty/Kathleen Myese-mail
1979Diana (Patt) Tingle
1979Deborah (Reynolds) Wyatte-mailTennis, Track
1979Wendi (Sutton) Shapiroe-mail
1979Chet Uratae-mailMost things nerdy
 1980                                                                                                                                                        top
1980Jeri (Burns) Ecke-mail
1980Steven Capitanoe-mailFootball, Track, Wrestling, Lettermen Club
1980Sherry Continee-mail
1980Lili Feingolde-mailForeign Exchange Student to Paris, Dance Team, Cheer, Student Council, Commissioner of Spirit, Honor Roll
1980Beatrice Poncee-mail
1981                                                                                                                                                             top
1981Debbie (Babakhanian) Leee-mailTrack
1981Nina (Balistreri) Tubbse-mailYearbook co-editor, Class Officer, Cheer, Highland League, Various clubs
1981Robin (Battleson) Barbere-mail
1981Nancy (Bauer) Casillase-mailASB, Band/Tall Flags, Sports
1981David Bradleye-mailBand
1981Bill Bransone-mailSwimming
1981Stacey (Darnold) Finnigane-mailChoir
1981Jorge Espinozae-mailBasketball
1981Teresa (Hogan) Kilene-mail
1981John Boyd Houlihan, Jr.e-mailSoccer, football, Drum Major
1981Holly (Lovejoy) Brocke-mail 
Band, Tall Flags
1981Patrice Millere-mail
1981Jill (Osborn) Sorgee-mailGymnastics, Drama, Young Life
1981John Daniel Proffitte-mailSwimming
1981Jeffrey Stoddarde-mailFootball, Choir
1981Elizabeth (Verduzco) Stollenwerke-mail
1982                                                                                                                                                                 top
1982Michele (Brooks) Mooree-mailBand 79-80
1982Stephanie Cianie-mail
1982Paul Edwardse-mailFootball, Track
1982Holly (Flint)McMahone-mailTrack and Field
1982Denise Halee-mail
1982Mark Hollistere-mail
1982Shane Jonese-mailASB, Soccer
1982Paula Koistrae-mail
1982Byron McCrarye-mail
1982John Merrille-mailTrack (freshman year)
1982John Paul Murraye-mailCabinet making, Band, Orchestra, Pep-Band
1982AnnaMarie Nachazele-mailClub Swimming and Club Softball
1982Susan Perkinse-mail
1982Doug Pricee-mail 
1982Lisa (Ruberio) Sidhue-mail
1982Ellen (Smart) Browne-mailFreshman Class VP, Cheer, Yearbook
1982David Stewarte-mail
1983Yvonne (Flores) Singhe-mail
1983Eric Johnstone-mail
1983David Petersone-mailSwim
1983Robin Plemmonse-mailChoir, Maranatha Club
1983Jack Rowelle-mail
1984                                                                                                                                                     top
1984Phillip Alvareze-mail
1984Gina Bledsoee-mail
1984Scott Bolshazye-mail 
Student Council (9), Choir (9-12), Wrestling (11), Football (11)
1984Layla (Bryant-Allred) Earle-mailASB, Highland League, Spirit Squad, Choir, Ensemble, Marching Band, Orchestra
1984David Buckleye-mail
1984Karen Butcher-Bartone-mail
Kim (Chapman) Caseye-mail
1984Grant Conrade-mail
1984Latricia (Cooper) McLaughline-mailMarching Band, Orchestra
1984Kelly Coylee-mail
1984Ronald Denleye-mail
1984Mary Deterse-mail
1984Andrea Flint-Gogeke-mail
1984Elizabeth (Foerster) Whitelocke-mail
1984Lisa (Flores) Younge-mail
1984Daniel Geare-mail
1984Len Gutmane-mailASB, Highland Fling
1984Randy Harte-mailTrack and Cross country
1984Daniel Hellberge-mailBasketball, Quiz Bowl, Literary Mag, just generally partying and getting crazy
1984Douglas Hendersone-mail
1984Philip Janese-mail
1984Alex Johnsone-mailFootball, Track
1984Susan (Kidney) Baccoli-Daytone-mail
1984Danny Kilcoynee-mail
1984Barry Mantel 
1984Robert Morrowe-mail
1984Dan Nachezele-mail
1984Tony Oliveirae-mail
1984Ronda (Piland) Royale-mailASB, Speech Team, Newspaper Editor
1984Denise (Richardson) Jessupe-mailASB, Highland Fling, Yearbook
1984Jennifer Samarrone-mail
1984William Sanforde-mail
1984Bob Stewarte-mail
1984Robert Swineye-mail
1984Samantha (Tritten) Rohwedere-mailBagpipe Band
1984Bette Vollande-mail
1984Monique (von Gietzen) Clifforde-mailFrench Club, Foreign Exchange Student in France 1982-83
1985                                                                                                                                                        top
1985Rachel (Bloch) Bermane-mail
1985Michelle Bloome-mailDrama, Cheerleading, ASB
1985Stephanie (Brown) Watsone-mailSoftball, Golf
1985Robert Camachoe-mailFootball
1985Stephanie (Capron) Morrise-mail
1985Tom Chubbe-mailSr. Class President, Highland League, Jr. Class Treasurer
1985Douglas Conleee-mailWriter/Highland Fling
1985Richard Delgadoe-mailQuiz Bowl (11, 12)
1985Marcy Dorlande-mail
1985Robert Drewe-mailWater Polo, Auto Shop, Off Roading
1985Heidi Eke-mail
1985Michelle (Favero) Hueye-mail
1985Stacy Greenee-mailBand and Orchestra
1985Kimberly Hamiltone-mail
1985Timothy Hathawaye-mailBand
1985Sara (Hill) Withrowe-mailDrill Team, JV Basketball, Exchange student to France, Yearbook staff
1985Karen (Hodge) Weire-mailKey Club
1985John Hueye-mailTrack
1985Jennifer (Hull) Osborne-mailSwim Team, Yearbook, Tall Flags
1985Linda Huskeye-mail
1985Dave Kinnamane-mail
1985Jim Mackaye-mail
1985Michael Millere-mail
1985Christine (Osthimer) Priele-mailTrack, Cross Country
1985Sean Padillae-mailWater polo, Swim Team
1985Jennifer (Panfil) Chapmane-mailGymnastics
1985Dianne (Phillips) Cheneye-mailOrchestra, Flags, Ensemble
1985Paula Presenkowskie-mail
1985Tim Quinne-mailFootball, Baseball
1985D'Laine Rileye-mail 
Tall Flags, Dance
1985Lisa (Sampieri) Andersone-mailKey Club, Student Government, CSF, Drill Team
Kathleen (Serrano) Zanote-mailSoccer, Art and Friends
1985Zachary Shesse-mailHighland Fling - Co-Editor in Chief, Varsity Tennis, Senior Board
1985Larry Sidiropoulose-mail 
Football, wrestling
1985Robert Stemwelle-mail
1985Lance Solidaye-mail
1985Laura (Thurston) Newberrye-mail 
1985Jannane Turnere-mailASB Store Clerk
1985Lara/Larissa (Watkins) Slombae-mail
1985Jennifer (West) Streite-mailSoccer
1985Matt Williamse-mailJV/Varsity Water Polo, Marching Band, Pep Band, Orchestra
1985Vonnie (Williams) Warricke-mail

1986                                                                                                              top
1986James Roman Acevedoe-mail
1986Kristin (Bailey) Dreesene-mail
1986Wendy (Browning) Buehringe-mail
1986Eric Ramsay Collinse-mailAcademic Decathlon, Pipe Band
1986Michael Cumlere-mail
1986Elena (Davenport) Stewarte-mailGlee, Choir, Ensemble
1986Lisa Feldmane-mail
1986Julia Galicie-mail
1986Lorissa (Hagen) Berkheimere-mail
1986Travis Hopkeye-mail
1986Laila (Johnson) Keplere-mailASB
1986Wendi Linskye-mail
1986Dawn (Lutton) Bogarde-mailCross Country, Track
1986Jacqueline Lykese-mail
1986Thadeus MacIntiree-mailPresident Dr. Freeland's Library Club
1986Kimberly Martine-mailBand
1986Karen McCarthye-mail
1986Michelle (Ocasio) Altenhoffe-mailJV/Varsity Cheer, Varsity Gymnastics, ASB
1986Jeri (Powell-Davidson) Hardene-mailCheerleader
1986Kimberly (Shanahan) Tronese-mail
1986Becky (Stanley) Allarde-mail
1986Mike Upstone-mail
1987Michael Bukrabae-mailChoir, Band, Swim
1987Darleen (Garrido) Hendersone-mail
1987Samuel Jonese-mail
1987Renee (Lucas) Santose-mail
1987Marta Mendoza-Actone-mail
1987Yen (Macaluso) Phuonge-mail
1987Elisa (Mikkonen) Brente-mail
1987Traci (Richardson) Crockette-mail
1987Melissa (Rodriguera) Carrenoe-mailChoir
1987Christine Erin (Rodriguez) Andradee-mail
1987Joseph Russoe-mailWrestling
1987Gregory Scribnere-mail
1988Leslie Araiza-Lorenzoe-mail
1988Christina Dugane-mail
1988Heather Eastine-mailSoccer
1988Patricia (Horton) Delgadilloe-mail 
Soccer, cross country, track and field
1988Sandra (Quinn) Smithe-mail 
1988Nicholle (McCrystal) Farengae-mail
1988Heather Swaneye-mail
1989Laura Binghame-mail
1989Denise (Brown) Shrine-mail
1989Kadon (Campbell) Captaine-mail
1989Cassandra Guthriee-mailChoir, Drama
1989Andy Meridethe-mailAthletics
1989Bridget (Phillips) Boydene-mailBand, Tall Flags
1989Susan (Schroeder) Cloutiere-mailBasketball
1989Kathleen Walterse-mail
1989Amber (Whaley) Eckerte-mailASB
1990 – 1991                                                                                                                           top
1990Ron Holadaye-mailCross Country, Soccer, Track, Football
1990Chad Lewise-mailBand
1990George McCuskere-mailFootball, Wrestling
1990Paul Murphye-mail
1990Diane (Reeves) Kusenbacke-mail
1990Vivian Sepee-mail
1990Tiffany (Sharp) Broberge-mail
1990Kristine (Toshalis) Cunninghame-mail
1990Craig Weisse-mail
1991Craig Armstronge-mail
1991Stacey (Baker) Phillipse-mail
1991William Barritte-mail
1991Adrian (Condon) Feikee-mail
1991Bobby Fellere-mail
1991Deena Hollingsheade-mailChoir, Weightlifting
1991Nicole Marcelluse-mail
1991Tiffany (Richardson) Wallse-mailMat Maids
1991Heather Weavere-mail
Varsity Soccer, Varsity Track, CSF Lifetime Member
1992                                                                                                                                                 top
1992Danielle (Alban) Masterse-mail
1992Amanda Bergere-mail
1992Angie (Caspen) Caswelle-mail
1992Jordan Dunne-mail
1992Tammy (Dunn) Clancye-mail
1992Kristi (Floquet) Raineye-mail
1992Tracey Hansone-mailChoir
1992Travis Roarke-mail
1992Jason Robertse-mailJV Baseball
1992Hevris Shirwanie-mail
1992Jessyka Williamse-mailCheer, Ensemble, Dance Team, SADD, Choir, Mat Maids
1993Victor Arellanoe-mailFootball
1993Rachelle Browne-mail
1993Brian Davise-mail
Graphics, mayhem
1993Jessie (Delgado) Vasqueze-mail
1993Leonard Delgadoe-mailDrama Club/Stagecraft
1993Cole Hollande-mail
1993Michael Judde-mailBaseball
1993Antoinette (Lupo) Russoe-mail
1993Michael Jensene-mail
1993Sarah Pricee-mailOceanography, The Fling, Swim Team
1993Erin (Ritnour) Lindleye-mail
1993Rebecca (Tuosto) Ellsworthe-mailLadies First, Soccer
1994Allison Ewinge-mail
1994Shoshana Hebshie-mail
1994Angela (Michael) Barriose-mailTrack and Field, Basketball, Volleyball
1994Jacob Otjense-mailBagpipe Band, Pole Vault
1994Judith Ridenoure-mailEarth Club, Honors program, Aztec Park Posse
1994Terra Steppe-mail
1994Jennifer Tatee-mailCheer
1994Yvonne Wrighte-mail
1995Kelly (Fort) McCoye-mail
1995Jennifer Hill-Zimmere-mail
1995Rhiannon (Nachbaur) Schmitte-mailOrchestra, String Quartet
1995Rene (Nunez) Preciadoe-mail
1995Jeffrey Skippere-mailCross Country, Track and Field
1995Edward L Smithe-mailASB, Key Club, Rotary Club, Football, Wrestling
1995Maryann Stathoulise-mail
1995Isaiah Surbrooke-mailInfinity
1996Tami (Gagne) Keirseye-mailSoccer
1997David Journey Jonese-mailFootball, tennis
1997Kristina (Kidwell) Smithe-mailChoir, JV/Varsity Cheer, Key Club, JV Track, Drama, Oceanography
1998Tanya Edgertone-mailASB, Track & Field, Softball
1998L. Matthew Martineze-mailMusic Dept., 4 years; Water Polo, 2 years
1998Heather Paynee-mailChoir
1998Joleen Sardoe-mail
1998Thy Sine-mail
1998Melissa van Wulvene-mailJV and Varsity Cheer

1999                                                                                                                                                                          top
1999Jason Bessome-mail
1999Eric Carpentere-mail
1999Danny Carusoe-mail
1999Nancy Ericksone-mailVarsity Gymnastics
1999Tabitha Hensone-mail
1999Nathan Hogane-mail
1999James Kellye-mailMedia Center
1999Rachel (Little) Crawforde-mailDrama
1999Christopher Nickesone-mail
1999Adam Olsone-mail
1999Janet (Sanfilippo) Hernandeze-mailBand, Swimming, Water Polo
1999Alyssa Turnere-mailColorguard, Show Choir, Drama, Swing Club, Maranatha Club

2000                                                                                                                    top
2000Joseph Balestrerie-mail
2000Christina (Bernal) Kopye-mail
2000Linda Chaoe-mailVolleyball, Basketball, CSF
2000Corinne (Coe) Okoneke-mail
2000Sheena Davise-mail
2000Keara Dombrowskie-mailGirls' Wrestling, CSF
2000Jesse Gomeze-mail
2000Lisa Haree-mail
2000Melinda Janeceke-mail
2000K.C. Joseph-Kundee-mail
2000Evan Kidwelle-mail
2000Barbara Kielhofere-mailColorguard, Drama
2000Wesley Kuhnee-mailFootball
2000Simone Louvieree-mail
2000Jeremy Lundemoe-mail
2000Karina Marqueze-mailBasketball
2000DeAnn Morrow-Mccowne-mailHarmony, AVID, Yearbook
2000Kevin Nguyene-mailWrestling
2000Kimvan Nguyene-mail
2000Amanda Onnene-mailVolleyball, Soccer, Ladies First
2000Heather Schultze-mailTheater
2000Kellie Sharp-Hoskinse-mailCross Country, Track, H20 Polo
2000Julia Shawe-mailVolleyball, Softball, Yearbook
2000Scott Tarvine-mailBand, Choir, Volleyball
2000Nathan Taylore-mail
2000Danielle Waughe-mailBand, Drum line, Orchestra
2000Maureen Williamse-mailBand, Soccer, Track, Journalism
2000Joshua Willinghame-mail
2000Matt Worthingtone-mail
2001LaTresia Austine-mail
2001Lance Barbere-mail
2001Stephanie Cardenase-mail
2001Brenna (Christensen) Gagnone-mail
2001Akeya Crawforde-mail
2001Heather (Ellis) Orehe-mail
2001Sandra Hernandeze-mail
2001Matthew Janeceke-mail
2001Noelle Jouglete-mailASB, Soccer, Volleyball, Track
2001Matt Lescault-Woode-mailBagpipes, Drama, Telecomm
2001Scott Ludwige-mailFootball, Choir
2001Michele Magnusone-mailColorguard, Drama, Choir
2001Wayne McKissicke-mail
2001James Naismithe-mail
2001Tara Neidnere-mailGuitar class
2001Trang Ngoc Nguyene-mail
2001Andrea Nuneze-mailTelecommunications
2001Nicolette Petersene-mail
2001Carolynn Silvae-mail
2001Homa Shahabzadahe-mailMascot
2001Allison St. Johne-mailNewspaper, Yearbook, CSF, Key Club
2001Yajaira (Torres) Preciadoe-mailASB
2002Peter Arane-mail
2002William Coates, Jr.e-mail
2002Kent Davise-mail
2002Cassandra (Devine) Coatese-mailInteract
2002Eric Greene-mailBagpipe Band
2002Drew Hultse-mailTrack and Field
2002Ashley Langefelde-mailGymnastics
2002Tanisha Martin-Chilese-mailGirls' Basketball, AVID
2002Amanda (Lopez) Postmae-mailASB, S-Club, SADD, Key Club, Interact, O-Club
2002Tiffany (McDonough) Madsene-mailOrchestra - Secretary, President
2002Crystina (Miles) Liddingtone-mail
2002Alec Morgane-mailYearbook
2002Daniel Osborne-mail
2002Candice (Payne) Jonese-mailLadies First, Harmony
2002Kelsey Petersone-mailKey Club, Photography
2002Alanna Rayzore-mail
2002Laura Rosase-mailMECHA
2002Kellie (Smith) Groves-Shortere-mail
2002Rita Sonese-mail
2002Kevin Troute-mail
2002Cristina (Valencia) McKeone-mailChoir, Oceanography Club
2002Justin Vanderhydee-mailFootball
2002Kelsey Ventere-mailChoir, Drama, Speech, Class Officer
2002James Wyatte-mail
2002Kristen Ybarrae-mail
2002Victoria Zadorozhnye-mail
2003Kristen (Allen) Wahle-mail
2003Christopher Allrede-mailTelecom, Football
2003Charlene (Bojorquez) Baize-mailOrchestra, Marching Band
2003Dominique (Brown) Fieldse-mail
2003Reva Carnse-mail
2003Stephanie Childe-mail
2003Kira (Coffey) Rhodese-mail
2003Terra Lynn Delgadoe-mailSoccer
2003Saundra DeSantiagoe-mailGreen Peppers, Green Envy Dance, Airbands, Cheerleading, Winter Formal Court
2003Jessica Dewey-Hoffmane-mailS-Club
2003Fernanda de Jesus Bailey -Felixe-mail
2003Jesus "Jesse" Garciae-mailBaseball
2003Jose Hernandez, Jr.e-mail
2003Crystal (Hurley) Connellye-mailS-Club, Gymnastics, Cross Country, Track
2003Calvin Hwange-mailTennis, Cross Country, Academic League, Band
2003Kimberly Lauziere-mailSwim, Water Polo, Class Officer, Drama, Speech
2003Chelsea (McCalop) Berkheimere-mail
2003Cindy (Medina) Rojase-mail
2003Drew Naismithe-mailBasketball, Band
2003Krystle Rawlingse-mail
2003Joanne (Scott) Halee-mailColorguard/Winterguard, Bagpipes
Christy Lynn Thomson 
2003Chelsey (Van Luvanee) Kurtze-mail
2003Jessica (White) Swinneye-mailWrestling
2004Lauren Arciniegae-mailColorguard
2004Melissa Bradleye-mailTennis, Track, Cross Country, Luau
2004Ilya Brunshteyne-mailWater Polo, Swim, Basketball, Math Club, Chess Club, Jewish Student Union Co-Founder
2004Kayla Cannone-mailCheer, Gymnastics
2004Sandra Chasee-mailHighlander Band, Drumline, Honor Roll
2004Erin Marie Coxe-mailVarsity Cheer, Gymnastics
2004Deede Dange-mail
2004Nicole (Graham) Freemane-mailSoftball, Cross Country, Choir
2004Kendra (Johnson) Stappe-mailWater Polo
2004Krystle (Lopez) Taylore-mail
2004Javone (McBride) Raimeye-mailBasketball
2004Isaiah Melendeze-mailWrestling
2004Michelle Patrunoe-mail
2004Linda Phane-mailSenior Class President, AVID Jr. Representative, Key Club, CSF
2004Ian Sellerse-mailFootball, Swim, Telecomm
2004Samantha (Terry) Leee-mail
2004Chi Truonge-mailKey Club, ACE Club
2004Tuan Truonge-mailTennis, Key Club, CSF
2004Alicia Williamse-mailCheerleading
2005Megan Andersone-mail
2005Rundik Barwarie-mail
2005Corey Browne-mailDrama, Speech Team, Starcraft Club, DDR Club
2005Brock Coffeye-mail
2005Caitlin Dichtere-mailDrama, Speech/Debate, Choir, French Society
2005Laurissa Grinstone-mail
2005Ahmad Hargravee-mail
2005Jessica Hechte-mailSoftball, Wrestling, ASB, Choir
2005Christopher Herre-mail3D Animation
2005Michelle Hoegere-mailBand, Lacrosse, Water Polo, ASB, Sophomore Class Treasurer, Green Peppers
2005Chanel Mahoneye-mailGymnastics
2005Elvira (Manriquez) Florese-mail
2005April Montgomerye-mailCross Country, Track
2005Jennifer Saltzmane-mailBand
2005Lisa Tame-mailJV Tennis
2005John Trane-mail
2005Caitie Ulle 
e-mailSpeech Team, Volleyball, Drama, Airbands, Key Club, Highland Fling
2006Richard Archundiae-mailChoir, Cross Country
2006Oneida Bradforde-mail
2006Mallorie Browne-mail
2006Derek Claytore-mailFootball
2006Caryn Cooke-mailDrama, Choir
2006Katherine Dowde-mailDrama, Speech, Water Polo, Dive
2006Shawn Ecclese-mailBagpipes
2006Yvette Englemane-mailSoccer
2006Hauhna (Harrington) Crowee-mail
2006Marissa Haskine-mailSoccer, CSF, Green Peppers, AVID Treasurer
2006Scott Knighte-mail
2006Victoria Lopez-Ketterere-mailChristian Club and Green Hot Chili Peppers
2006Victoria Mellinoe-mailChristian Club, Green Hot Chili Peppers, Theater
2006Rebekah Moreye-mailColor Guard
2006Sasha Noroozie-mailAirbands - Rufio, Football manager, Green Peppers
2006Damon Ryone-mail
2006Jessica Stampere-mailDrama, Choir, Speech
2006Aubryn Stevense-mailDrama, Choir
Karess Caldwelle-mailDrama, Speech
2007Cynthia Florese-mailBand
2007Joseph Holmane-mailInteract Club
2007Amber Leibele-mailChoir, Band
2007Elizabeth Morenoe-mailSpeech, Drama
2007Jessica Parrise-mailBasketball
2007Renita Paynoe-mailCheer, Green Envy
2007Hector Perez de Leone-mail
2007Jessica (Perkins) Celise-mailSoftball, Theater
2007Jeffrey Polkinghornee-mail
2007Christine Robinsone-mail
2007Bridget Riggerte-mailBand, Colorguard
2007Gregory Shelbye-mailBaseball, Theater, Choir
2007Joseph Wighte-mailBMX
2007Richard Wrighte-mailFootball, Orchestra
2008Josue Alvareze-mailChristian Club, Fellowship of Christian Athletes
2008Charles "Alex" Bradleye-mailLacrosse, DDR
2008Savannah Bradleye-mail
2008Amy (Callaci) Spackmane-mailWater Polo, Swim, Lacrosse
2008Meagan Daleye-mail
2008Melissa Galle-mailYearbook
2008Katelyn Hunte-mail
2008Kevin Koppman-Guee-mailHighland Players
2008Noah Misae-mailFootball, Wrestling, Track & Field, Volleyball, FCA
2008Arjelle Nusple-mailSwim
2008Courtni Powerse-mailCross Country, Diving, Highland Fling
2008Brittany Rashake-mailASB Spirit Commissioner
2008 Jeffrey Rosenthale-mailVarsity Baseball
2008Leigh Rutherforde-mail
2008Samantha Salase-mailFrench Club, Invisible Children Club
2008Marco Salinase-mailBaseball and Football
2008Helen Weldeghiorgise-mailASB, Choir, CSF
2009Alyssa Arane-mail
2009Ashley Camachoe-mail
2009Fereti Eddie Faamailee-mailFootball, Volleyball
2009Callie Fairweathere-mailBasketball
2009Jessica Foulkese-mail
2009Terron Huffe-mail
2009Mikaela Mikovae-mail
2009Tien Quynh Phane-mailKey Club, Ladies' Tennis, Ladies' Lacrosse
2009Elizabeth Sancheze-mail
2009Chelsea Sheparde-mailVolleyball, ASB
2009Elijah Simse-mailSpeech Team, Drama Club, Invisible Children, Christian Club
2009Perla Sorianoe-mailM.E.Ch.A., Girls' Lacrosse
2009Katherine Therriene-mail
2009Pim Valantagule-mail
2009Mallory Westovere-mail
2010Alexandra Crownharte-mailCheer
2010Diandre Labadiee-mailWater Polo, Swim, Key Club, CSF, Homecoming Court, Winter Formal King
2010Irvin Legaspie-mail
2010Marci Jo McGline-mailWater Polo
2010Andrea Moralese-mail
2010Cathy Nguyene-mailHighlander Fling, Math Club, Science Club, CSF, Interact Club
2010Ernesto Rodrigueze-mail
2010Christopher Saltzmane-mail
2010Daenell Thomase-mail
2010Richard Winchelle-mailBand, Math Club
2011                                                                                                                                                                                    top
2011Veronica Acostae-mailSoccer
2011LaDaniel Byers-Aquiningoce-mailFootball, Track Team, Ukelele Club
2011Courtnee Caperse-mail
2011McHale Cartacianoe-mailKey Club, Tennis
2011Brianna DaSilveirae-mailLacrosse, Speech & Debate, Theater, CSF
2011DeeAnna Espanole-mailASB, Drama Club, Highland Players, Student Athletic Trainer, Colorguard, Gymnastics
2011Bailey Gordone-mailOrchestra, Water Polo, Swim, Cross Country, Academic League, Celtic Music Club
2011Divina Magraciae-mailBand, Orchestra, Winter Drumline, Robotics, Tennis, Peer Tutoring
2011Christopher O'Diernoe-mail
2011Ciara Perkinse-mailTrack and Field, Club College, Choir
2011Brooklyn Rutledgee-mail
2011Bryanna Torrese-mailSoccer
2012Gerren Halle-mailBand, Theater, Key Club, SADD, Christian Club, Swimming, Volleyball