In Memoriam

The following lists are provided by other alumni and/or obituaries. The Helix Alumni Association does not guarantee the accuracy of these reports, but simply posts the information provided. Obituaries are linked, when available. Please note that some publications remove obituaries after a period of time - we apologize for any outdated links.

Class of 1955
Jack Felson

Class of 1956
James Carter (obituary)

Class of 1961
Gary Nesleit

Class of 1967
Kent Madsen (obituary)

Class of 1972
Leona Andrews
Robert Barnes
Randy Blackner
Tim Caufield
Ralph Cefaratti
Karen Crook
Nicholas Dalton
Tom Erautt
James Flood
Geoffrey Gardner
Lisa Heerwald
Opal Hill
Dan Huffstutter
Timothy Jones
Tim Kuykendall
Alan Lucero
Pete Matheson
Pamela Medeiros
Karen Poskitt
Kristine Reed
Patrick Renny
Roger Rurup
Michael Scofield
Kristi Sterling

Class of 1985
Joel Bierman (obituary)

Miss Mary F. Garcia (March 6, 2012). Miss Garcia was a Business Education teacher for many years and was a mentor for many students.

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