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Our Mission
The Foundation facilitates fund raising which promotes the growth and improvement of the programs, facilities and activities at Helix High School. The Helix High School Foundation was created in 1995 as a non-profit public benefit corporation. Funds raised by the Foundation are used to supplement funding from the Grossmont Union High School District. The success of the Foundation relies on your continuing generosity and involvement as membersof the Helix High School Community.

The Alumni Association is an affiliate of the Foundation. An active and loyal Alumni Association benefits the Foundation, the students, and its members by promoting traditions, supporting activities, and serving as a source of communication and information.

Officers and Executive Council
President Jim Arnaiz
Secretary Renee Milburn
Treasurer Cheryl Schmidt
Vice President Mimi Test

Scholarship Committee
Paula Ann Trevino
Damon Chase
Jim Arnaiz
Judd Carson
Kris Irving
Andy Rodriguez

Membership & Endowment Committee
Laurie Barber*
Mimi Test
Renee Milburn
Cheryl Schmidt
Peggy Crabtree
Elena Christian

Alumni Committee
Jennifer Osborn*
Candy Green

Capital Improvement Damon Chase
Alumni Chair Candy Green
Membership Chair Peggy Crabtree
School Liaison Kris Irving
School Administration Paula Ann Trevino
Scholarships Jim Arnaiz
Webmaster Jennifer Osborn*
Events Coordinator Andy Rodriquez

Associate Directors/Non Voting
Legal Correspondent, Advisor and Scrip Liaison Laurie Barber*
Scrip Representative Margaret Hendee*
PTSA Liaison Robert Yslas*

Dr. Douglas Smith*
Dick Geck*
Judd Carson*
Larry Hendee*

* Non Voting

Helix High School Foundation
A California Non-Profit Public Benefit Corporation (tax id# 330621786)
7323 University Avenue
La Mesa, California 91941
(619) 644-1940, ext. 182

Last Updated: 11/3/11