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Scholarship Update
  • TOTAL COLLECTED SINCE 2005: $420,050
  • AVERAGE PER YEAR: $52,506
  • (updated 9/6/13)

Helix Alumni
Helix Alumni Association
Message from Foundation President

Dear Helix Alumni and/or Scottie Booster:

Thank you for your past support of the Helix High Foundation. During the post WW- II era, the Japanese government created a political theme in the reconstruction of their country. It was a one word theme, called KAISEN. It is defined as: “small seemingly, insignificant, never ending improvement.” Those words of wisdom best describe what is happening with our foundation. We had a KAISEN year by awarding more scholarships, or the dollar amounts continued to grow. Remember, it’s never too late to give back to students, and our collection of money for scholarships and endowed scholarships gets better.

Click here for the President's full message.
(Updated 9/6/13)

Since 2006 the Helix Foundation has been offering various levels or amounts of scholarship money to graduating senior students who have a financial need and have satisfied the rigorous academic requirements of college admission.

How does it work? A scholarship can be customized to suit the donor. Any amount of money; any set of circumstance; any length of time from one to four years; or on a long term endowment basis.

For more information about the scholarship donation process, contact Jim Arnaiz by email ( or phone 619 644-1940 x 182

Be a Part of History!
And support Helix Charter High School. You may purchase a paver in your name or for a child, a friend, a company…or just someone you’ve always admired for whom you wish to do something special. How about purchasing a tile in a loved one’s memory? Personalized pavers make unique Birthday, Valentine or Holiday gifts for friends and relatives. We appreciate your support of the Helix High Foundation.The cost of a personalized 4x8 paver is $100.00 and a 4x8 Replica paver is $50.00. Click here for more details and an order form.

Join Our Facebook Group
Are you on Facebook? If so, join our group - Helix Foundation and Alumni Association.

Scrip Sales
Buying scrip is a great way for you to support the Helix Foundation, especially during the holiday season! Scrip works like this - you purchase from the Foundation a gift card/certificate for a store you frequent. You pay face value for the certificate, but the store has sold the certificate to the Foundation for a reduced price, and the difference in price goes to support scholarships.

The certificate spends just like any other gift card/certificate.
Consider buying scrip as gifts, or for you to use to buy gifts. Everyone wins! The list of available stores and an order form can be found under "Alumni Documents" on the bottom right of this webpage!

E-Scrip is also available - see the link under "Alumni Links".

Helix Yearbooks for Sale - Many Years Available

Did your senior annual accidentally get donated to the Salvation Army? Lost in a cross-country move? Eaten by a pit bull? Whatever the reason, you may be able to replace it. Past yearbooks are available for purchase at the low, low price of $35. And $5 of each purchase will be donated to the Helix Foundation to fund scholarships for graduating seniors. Contact Jim Cook to check availability.

Attention Alumni Business Owners!
Helix Charter High School is committed to supporting students’ social-emotional, personal and academic growth. As part of this endeavor, the school regularly recognizes, honors and encourages students in the following areas in a number of ways including honor rolls, involvement in extra-curricular activities, attitude and attendance.

It is our desire that at all Grade Levels students be presented with certificates recognizing their accomplishments as well as with a token of support from the community. As a valued Helix Alumn your donation of products, services or cash would greatly appreciated.

All donations will be listed in our events programs and our school newsletters which goes out to all our families. If you have any questions or wish to make a donation please contact Jennifer Osborn at, or any of our Grade Level Principals. Your contributions can also be sent directly to the school.

Thank you in advance for supporting Helix Charter High School.

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Arnaiz, Jim

Osborn, Jenn

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