Graduation Requirements

All public high school students are required to meet statewide graduation requirements in order to earn a diploma. The goal is that more students will be better prepared to meet 21st century demands in their working and personal lives. 

Helix Charter High School is a college prepatory school. Helix graduates will have met the A-G requirements needed to attend California Univeristy and State colleges. As you go over A-G you will see a slight difference in our graduation requirements and A-G.  Our students must do more than just meet A-G to graduate.
A-G Requirements

A: Social Science -2 years for A-G  & 3 1/2 years for HS Graduation
ITSS (Grad Requirement)
World Hist or AP Euro (Grad & A Requirement)
US Hist (Grad &A Requirement)
Political Science/Economics (Can Be G Requirement is a Grad. Requirement)

B: English -4 years for A-G and HS Graduation

C: Mathematics: 3 Years A-G and HS Graduation
Algebra 1
Algebra 2
(Recommend 4 years)

D: Laboratory Science-  2 years A-G For HS Graduation 2 ½ years
Earth Science (Grad Requirement)
Biology (Grad & D Requirement)
Physics or Chemistry (Grad & D Requirement)
(Recommend 3 years)

E: Language other than English 2 years same language A-G and HS Graduation
Recommend 3 years

F: Visual and Performing Arts 1 Year A-G and HS Graduation

G: College prep elective 1 year A-G and HS Graduation
Helix Graduation Requirements

Additional classes:
• 2 years PE
• 1-½ years Tech (part of Major)

Additional Requirements:
• 220 credits
• First Aid
• Community Service (40 hours total)
• Sophomore Presentation
• Senior Project/ Proposal/Paper/Presentation
• Pass California HS Exit Exam
• ACT or SAT strongly recommended