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Academic Support Program

                                   Renée Milburn - Academic  Support Coordinator  
Helix Academic Support Program
Where Everyone Achieves!
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Academic Coaches 2019-20

Helix’s Academic Support program is an integral part of a Pyramid of Interventions providing Helix students academic support, successful role models and opportunities to build connections on campus with caring adults. The Academic Coaches while working in units must also work together with teachers, grade level teams, the Wellness Center and parents to provide the essential skills that will keep students on track for graduation. All students receive instruction on time management and organizational skills through the use of the ASP Planner. (see link below) We know that all students learn differently and at different rates,  it is up to us to find the key to helping each individual student achieve the goal of graduating from Helix Charter High School. The goal of all programs is to help students become self-directed learners.

Program Units:

Grades 10 -12

Scottie Connect - a place for independent students to complete school work and learn about opportunities to connect to school and the community. College,career, health and wellness presentations occur throughout the school year. All students receive an effort and conduct grade. Students may earn 2.5 elective credits if they meet the requirement.

Upper Grade Support Labs - Science, English/Social Science and Math labs provided targeted tutorial support, study and test prep skills. Students work individually and in groups to improve homework submission rates and test results. All students receive an effort and conduct grade. Students may earn 2.5 elective credits if they meet the requirement.

Study Skills - Run by a Study Skills teacher with the support of Academic Coaches, class work review, accountability for completing work, test preparation, time management and study skills are the emphasis within this unit. Academic Coaches also observe students in their regular education classes to better support the students learning outside the classroom. Students earn an academic grade and elective credit from their Study Skills teacher.

Grade 9

Extended Learning (EXL) - A welcoming environment for our newest Scotties; EXL students work in pods. 
Academic Coaches provide academic support and one on one mentoring to help students transition from middle school to the "Helix Way." Students participate daily in the ACHIEVE 3000 online literacy program as part of their Helix First grade. For EXL, students receive conduct and effort grades.

ASP Syllubus and Credit guidelines

Student and Family Resources:

Click on Website Resources for help with tutoring, career information and study skills

Have nothing to do? Check the Homework Flow Chart

Time Management Tips for Students

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Employment Opportunities:

Helix Charter High school is a college preparatory program where students must meet the A-G UC/CSU college admissions requirement to earn a diploma. As part of our pyramid of intervention we employ Academic Coaches (AC) who facilitate student learning in our 9th grade Extended Learning program, in Upper Grade Support Labs and in Study Skills environments. Interested parties must have been out of High School for at least 2 years and 60 units of completed college credit is preferred. Competence with high school Math and Science is also preferred.

Aspiring Teachers, Counselors and School Social Workers. Here is an opportunity to learn and practice researched based, school day academic support. Academic Coaches practice many of the same skills and strategies as classroom teachers. Weekly staff development and skills practice is build in to the schedule.

Applicants should send a resume and no more than a one page response to the prompt below. Applications are kept open as we hire throughout the school year. This is a temporary (term) employment contract.
First year pay is $16.01 per hour There are 2 Schedule Options:

Schedule 1

Monday, Thursday and Friday         7:45 AM  to  1:00 PM

Tuesday                                      7:45 AM to 2:30 PM*

Wednesday                                  8:45 AM to 1:45 PM

 Schedule 2

Monday, Thursday and Friday        9:15 AM  to  3:00 PM

Tuesday                                     7:45 AM to 2:30 PM*

Wednesday                                 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM


* 7:45 - 8:45 Staff Development on Tuesdays

HCHS believes that all students can learn. Our rigorous college preparatory curriculum challenges and prepares all students to be successful in college or in whatever field students choose to pursue. We are a wonderfully diverse campus with a high percentage of families that qualify for free and reduced lunch. Tell us how you think an academic support/tutorial program might serve this student population and why you believe that you would be an asset to the program as an academic coach.

Email to:

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