Helix Charter High School Contract

Helix Charter High School is a college preparatory charter high school dedicated to supporting each student in the attainment of his or her highest academic potential.  The educational focus is designed to foster each individual’s capacity for self-development and personal responsibility that will prepare students for success in college, career, and adult life.  Helix recognizes that a student’s education is a responsibility shared by school and family during the entire period the student spends in school.

As faculty and staff we pledge to:
  • Provide a safe campus and a classroom climate of mutual respect,
  • Clearly delineate course expectations, competencies and standards, instructional goals, and grades to students and parents, providing ample opportunities for students to complete and remediate coursework and competencies to standard,
  • Communicate with students and parents / guardians regularly and timely through telephone, letters, parent-teacher conferences, open houses, community-based meetings, updated web sites, grades posted on-line or home visits,
  • Create a welcoming environment for students, parents and community members, 
  • Provide the opportunity for parental involvement in school decision-making through Restructuring and other avenues,
  • Provide motivating and interesting learning experiences, using a variety of teaching methods in the classroom which support the Helix Exit Results,
  • Address the individual needs of each student and effectively facilitate student learning, and provide ample student academic support services,
  • Provide parents with support to help develop parenting skills which emphasize the importance of education and learning, provide strategies and techniques for assisting students with learning activities at home and/or provide skills to access community and support services that strengthen school programs, family practices and student learning and development.

As a student I pledge to:
  • Be safe, be respectful, be responsible,
  • Conduct myself in a manner, which promotes school safety and a climate of mutual respect,
  • Maintain a GPA of 2.0 or above and attend school regularly, prepared to work and engage in learning, and use academic support when needed or assigned,
  • Be tobacco, drug, and alcohol free at school,
  • Uphold the Helix Behavior and Dress Codes, along with academic honesty and integrity policies,
  • Complete coursework and course competencies to standard, retake required courses in which a failing grade was received, and complete work necessary for graduation, and necessary to bring incomplete grades to passing,
  • Attend summer registration.

As a parent/guardian I pledge to:
  • Conduct myself in a manner, which promotes school safety and a climate of mutual respect,
  • Attend the summer registration conferences and other requested conferences,
  • Provide accurate and updated contact information (i.e., changed phone numbers, address, emergency contact information, etc.),
  • Support student activities, participate in parent visitation days whenever possible,
  • Contact Helix regarding any concerns about my son / daughter,
  • Support the Helix Behavior and Dress Codes, along with the academic honesty and integrity policies,
  • Ensure my son / daughter has a home environment, which supports student academic success by providing a healthy diet and adequate sleep hours, and by limiting outside school
  • responsibilities (i.e., work hours),
  • Ensure that my son / daughter is at school on time everyday,
  • Ensure that my son / daughter attends school free of tobacco, drugs, and alcohol,
  • Volunteer, attend school activities, and participate in parent visitation days whenever possible,
  • Participate in community-based, parent-teacher forums or periodic home visits.

These pledges are essential to the mission of our school.  Parents, students and staff must uphold these pledges or jeopardize their opportunity to attend 
Helix Charter High School.