Welcome to the Helix Charter High School Governing Board page. Here you will find links to the most recent board agenda as well as previous minutes from board meetings.

A nine member Charter Governing Board, consisting of parents, staff and community members, is empowered to make school wide policy decisions. School wide policy includes, but is not limited to: graduation requirements, admission standards, attendance policies, school calendar, general and fiscal oversight and annual budget approval. Moreover, the Helix Charter Governing Board is also responsible for appointing, evaluating, compensating and, when necessary, replacing the Executive Director.



PLEASE BE ADVISED, the Helix Charter High School Board will hold a public hearing on January 23, 2017, to consider the adoption of a resolution making certain findings pursuant to Government Code section 4217.10 et seq that the cost of proposed energy conservation services/solar power purchase agreement (“Energy Savings Project”) to potentially be  entered into  with  Baker Electric, Inc. and PFMG Solar will  be  offset  and  will  be  less  than  the anticipated marginal cost to Helix Charter High School of electrical or other energy that would have been consumed by Helix Charter High School if the proposed Energy Savings Project was not completed.


The Charter Governing Board will hold the hearing during its regularly scheduled meeting on January 23, 2017, beginning at 4:30 p.m., held in the Library at Helix Charter High School, 7323 University Avenue, La Mesa, CA 91942. Members of the public are invited to attend the meeting if they desire to address this issue.

Instructional Materials Public Hearing for Fiscal Year held annually at September meeting. E.C. 60119. 

The Helix Governing Board consists of nine voting members. The voting members are:
Three Staff Members (elected by a vote of the Helix Charter High School staff)
- 1 Classified Staff Representative
- 2 Certificated Staff Representatives

Four Parent/Community Members (elected by the parents of current Freshmen, Sophomore, and Junior students)
- 2 Parent Representatives
- 2 Community Representatives

One PTSA Member (selected by Helix PTSA)
-1 PTSA Representative

One District Member (if the district elects not to exercise its right to place a representative on the Charter Governing Board, then one additional Community Member shall be selected by a majority vote of the current Parent and Community Members)
- 1 District or Community Representative

The Helix Charter Governing Board also includes non-voting members:
- Executive Director
- Management Team
- 2 Student Representatives (selected by Student Council)

Contact Information:
All Charter Board members can be contacted via email or mail. To email a board member, please view Board Members links.

Mailing Address:
Helix Charter High School
c/o HCHS Charter Governing Board
7323 University Ave
La Mesa, CA 91942

Charter Board Members:

Elizabeth Berg 

Community Member


Peggy Crabtree

Classified Member/Board Secretary


Lauren Gillihan

PTSA Representative Member


Jenine Henry 

Community Member



Dan Northcutt

Community Member


Kevin Osborn 

Executive Director


Susan Perkins

Parent Members


Mike Ried – Board Chairman 

Certificated Member



Jennifer Underwood 

Certificated Member



David Yeager - Board Vice-Chairman 

Parent Member



Student Representatives

Valerie Ruiz, 2549@helixcharter.net

Destiny Alvarado, 2015@helixcharter.net