Entrance into Helix Charter High School

Enrollment at Helix Charter High School is open to any student in grades 9-12. The boundaries set by the Grossmont Union High School District do not apply to Helix, as we have our own attendance area, which may overlap some GUHSD schools' attendance areas. Regardless of what school is your "neighborhood school" as determined by the local school districts, families may choose to attend Helix. 

Use our searchable boundary map to help you determine if you reside within the traditional Helix boundaries or if you are a Lottery student.

 9th Grade Student Enrollment (2017-18 School Year):                                                                                     

Please visit our Class of 2021 webpage for more information regarding the steps to enroll your student at Helix, Priority vs. Lottery Enrollment, and when and where you can attend an upcoming Information Night meeting.

 "In-Area" 10-12th Grade Student Priority Enrollment (2017-18 School Year):                                                

If you are a 10-12th grade student that just moved into Helix's traditional attendance boundary searchable boundary map, please contact the appropriate grade level team for enrollment process information beginning February 1, 2017:


    10th Grade (Class of 2020) Administrative Assistant, Mrs. Rodriguez 644-1940 Ext. 145

    11th Grade (Class of 2019) Administrative Assistant, Mrs. Sullivan 644-1940 Ext. 152

    12th Grade (Class of 2018) Administrative Assistant, Mrs. Urich 644-1940 Ext. 123

 "Out of Area" 10-12th Grade Students (Lottery 2017-18 School Year):                                                           

If you do not live within Helix's boundaries searchable boundary map, Helix's "Lottery" system is the only method for entrance to Helix.

If you are interested in entering Helix through the Lottery, then you must attend one of the Lottery Information Nights. Lottery Information Night meetings will all be held in the Helix Performing Arts Center (PAC). There is no advantage as to which meeting you attend.  No appointment is necessary. 


 6:00 PM


7323 University Avenue, La Mesa  

Performing Arts Bldg.


 6:00 PM


7323 University Avenue, La Mesa

ROOM 1600

  • Parking available in the student parking lot - 4200 Lowell St, La Mesa 

At the meetings you will hear what Helix has to offer your student(s) and what will be expected of your student(s). If you are still interested in attending, you will submit a Lottery Form and your student will receive an Online ID # that will be used in lieu of student names when results are posted on the Helix Lottery webpage. 

After both Lottery meetings, the Lottery forms from all of the meetings will be separated by grade level. If there are enough open seats for prospective students at a given grade level, all students at that grade level will be granted enrollment. If there are more prospective students than openings at a given grade level, your Lottery form will be entered intorandom Lottery drawing. We will randomly select forms and assign them a number of one through however many forms we have at each grade level. Lottery wait lists will be created for each grade level that has more prospective students requesting enrollment then we have openings. Lottery wait lists for each grade level will be posted on the Helix Lottery webpage on March 3rd, 2017 by the student Online H-ID #.

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